Bryan Thao Worra,
SFPA President

(LOS ANGELES)  A big thanks to everyone who came to join us at the LOSCON 2016 panel of Science Fiction Poetry and the after-panel discussion. Like many panels we’ve convened at conventions across the country over the last few years, the attendance gave us a good sense of how much more there is to go in building a fuller awareness and appreciation of speculative poetry.

Overall, I emerged grateful and energized to keep pressing forward with this, because it’s clear there’s so much that can and should be done to help one another as fellow poets, as kindred spirits. You can find my photos of LOSOCON here.


A special thanks to Denise Dumars who helped to place the SFPA presence at LOSCON into historical perspective for me, and to Jaymee Goh for helping to get us a formal slot in the programming this year.

It was great to meet our fellow co-panelist Nikia Chaney who had some intriguing perspectives regarding experimental poetics and where that might intersect with speculative poetics.

Also, seriously, you’ve got to see this dinosaur they had walking around. Kids today don’t know how good they have it.

“Clever girl…”

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