Member News: December

It’s a new year already!  We have some exciting announcements from many of our members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association this month as they closed out 2016.

This includes new books, presentations, and other distinctive achievements. We congratulate everyone, and give a special thanks to Michael H. Payne for taking the time to put together the list and all of the links that go with it.

As always, it’s appreciated if you share these with your readers and fellow writers on your blogs, podcasts, etc. in part or in full because it helps us to create a good working record of the creative efforts of our members and to help newer poets find places to find writers they admire, and perhaps to submit work themselves. Keep in great spirits!

Laura Madeline Wiseman
book, Velocipede, Stephen F. Austin University Press, November 2016

collaborative book with artist Chuka Susan Chesney, People Like Cats, Red Dashboard, September 2016

Karen Bovenmyer
poem, “The Blind Elephants of Io,” Shortest Day, Longest Night, Arachnae Press, December 21, 2016 along with a reading by British actress Patsy Prince to the music that inspired it (Two Blind Elephants by Zac Gvirtzman) with sign language interpretations by Martin Fox-Roberts at the Solstice Shorts Festival in Greenwich, England

Ken Poyner
poem, “New Planet Landscape 38”, genre, print, Analog Science Fiction and Fact

poem, “The Queue”, non-genre, Fear of Monkeys

John Reinhart
poem, “The Butterflies of Traxl IV,” Pedestal Magazine #79

poem, “Arson with a Smile,” Silver Blade #32

poem, “at the edge,” Postcard Poems & Prose

2 poems, “Balder” and “Dark Period,” Northlore Anthology II: Mythos

poem, “I’m on the bus with two of my children,” non-genre, Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Sara Backer
poem, “Diabolus Ex Machina,” Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Winter 2016, Issue #6

poem, “French Was Easier,” Four Chambers, Issue #04 (print only)

poem, “Moon Flu,” Abyss & Apex, Issue 60, 4th quarter 2016

Adele Gardner
poem, (genre/online), “Cold Sleep,” Pedestal Magazine, Iss. 79, Dec. 2016

poem, (genre/online), “Well, Water, Stars,” Silver Blade, Issue 32, Fall 2016

poem, (genre/online), “Spell for a Friend,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2016

2 poems, (genre/ebook & print), “October Moon Glares” (new) and “Morning” (reprint), Lupine Lunes: Horror Poems & Short Stories, Popcorn Press, 2016

poem, (non-genre/print), “Not Today,” Blood and Thunder: Musings on the Art of Medicine, The University of Oklahoma, College of Medicine, Fall 2016

James Dorr
poem, “Zombie Trouble?,” Disturbed Digest, Dec. 2016, Alban Lake

poem, “Beware of the Dog,” Lupine Lunes, Popcorn Press

Neile Graham
poem, “Persephone Crosses the Styx,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2016

poem, “Behold and Beholden,” Liminality, Winter 2016/2017

Shannon Connor Winward
poem, genre-ish, “paracusia”, Eclectica Magazine Best Poetry Anthology V1, December 2016

poetry book review, genre, Eternal Haunted Summer, “Listening For Their Voices (by Jennifer Lawrence)”, December 2016

Holly Lyn Walrath
poem, “Loomings,” Ghost Proposal, December 2016

Lela E. Buis
Poem, “Choosing Between Sins,” Florida State Poets Association Anthology #34, 2016

A.J. Odasso
2 poems, “Nothing Goes Away” and “Ace of Spades,” New England Review of Books, Winter 2016

Lynette Mejía
poem, “Seer,” Liminality 10, Winter 2016/2017

poem triptych, “Leda,” “Medusa,” “Persephone,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2016

Denise Dumars
2 haiku in What the Wind Can’t Touch: 2016 Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology

Jenny Blackford
poem, “A better ancient Olympics,” Polu Texni, 26 December 2016

Jane Yolen
2 poems  “Dwam” and “Dreaming Spires,”  Umbrellas of Edinburgh,  Freight Books, Nov. 2016

poem, “Prince Ever After,” Asimov’s Science Fiction,  January/February 2017

poem, “Singing with Pete,” The Poeming Pigeon: Poems About Music, The Poetry Box, Nov. 2016

Lauren McBride
4 poems, genre, Grievous Angel

poem, non-genre, “star or angel,” Songs of Eretz

haiku, non-genre, “early frost,” tinywords

poem, non-genre, “Modestree,” Flora’s Forum

haiku, non-genre/print, the Aurorean F/W 2016-2017

Michael H. Payne
poem, “Not a Creature is Stirring,” honorable mention, 111th weekly poetry contest, Dec. 19-26, 2016,

Helen Patrice, Rosemary Nissen-Wade & Jennie Fraine
book of poetry, Three Cycles of the Moon, Smashwords Nov. 13, 2016

Jane Røken
poem, “Yule Chantey”, Three Drops Poetry, Midwinter Special 2016

Patricia Gomes
poem, non-genre/digital, “Pot Bound and Wilting,” Unlikely Stories Mark V, December 2016

Mary Soon Lee
poem, print+Kindle,  “Kingship,” F&SF, Jan/Feb 2017

poem. “Recruits,” Mirror Dance, Winter 2016

poem, non-genre, “Legacy,” After Happy Hour Review, Issue 6, Fall 2016

poem, non-genre, “Princess Tea Party,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 11/28/2016

poem, “Judgment ,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 12/13/2016

5 poems, all reprints, Were-Traveler #19

Ann K. Schwader
poem, “Last Justice,” Weird Fiction Review No. 7,  Centipede Press, Fall 2016


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