Star*Line 40.1 Arriving!

The newest issue of Star*Line, the official journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association will be arriving soon for our members, who have already received the instructions for the pdf link. This issue was edited once again by F.J. Bergmann and is the start of her final year in these duties. Her successor will be announced later this year.

The art for the cover this time is Jörmundgandr by Joshua Chapman of Missouri. The cover is inspired by the classic Norse legend of the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent who has grown so large he encircles the world and grasps his own tail. One day, when he releases it, Ragnarok will begin. It seems only fitting that this issue features a titanic number of poems brought forward by some of the most imaginative poets in the world who are writing today. Some have decades of experience, and some have only just begun their journey in speculative literature, and the Science Fiction Poetry Association is pleased to welcome them all.


While we’re waiting for that, this issue features an In Memoriam for former SFPA President Scott E. Green by Herb Kauderer. It also features a look at recent offerings from the Small Press scene reviewed by  Joshua Gage, Herb Kauderer, David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Sandra J. Lindow , Diane Severson, and Daniel C. Smith. I thank them for taking the time to conduct such thoughtful reviews and reflections. Denise Dumars also provides us an essay on Stealth SF with  “Elegy in a Suburban Churchyard.” Be sure to give that a read.

Our poetic topics this time range from the Chinese explorer Zhang He to “The Boy of Sparrows and Silver” and a wide range of worlds and ideas. Featured poets and artists in this issue are: Daniel Ausema, Davian Aw, Magdalena Ball, David Barber, Jenny Blackford, Cas Blomberg, Susan Burch, Beth Cato, Kenny A. Chaffin, M.C. Childs, Mark Danowsky, Rohinton Daruwala, Deborah L. Davitt, J.D. DeHart, Denise Dumars, Robin Wyatt Dunn, Roger Dutcher, Gary Every,  Robert Frazier, Joshua Gage, Chris Galford, Alan Ira Gordon, Steven Wittenberg Gordon, LeRoy Gorman, Herb Kauderer, M.X. Kelly, Deborah P Kolodji , David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Michael Kriesel, Mary Soon Lee, Sandra Lindow,  Denny E. Marshall , Lauren McBride, Glenn A. Meisenheimer, Joanne Merriam,  Claudine Nash, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Ken Poyner, John Reinhart, Terrie Leigh Relf, J. Zachary Rothstein, G.A. Scheinoa, Diane Severson, John W. Sexton, Christiana Sng , Margarita Tenser, Neal Wilgus, Matthew Wilson, Greer Woodward, and Justin Zimmerman.

It’s hard to believe we’re already at 40 volumes of Star*Line! But here we are. We thank everyone who’s so generously been a part of our journey over the decades and we look forward to more from everyone in the future.

Be sure not to miss your next issues by renewing your membership. Star*Line is not available on newsstands, but is exclusive only to members of the Science Fiction Poetry Association around the world.


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