Member News – January 2017

One of the benefits of membership with the SFPA is the opportunity to share one’s poetic work with the community. Member Mike Payne compiles this list each month after a call for submissions.

Lisa Lepovetsky

poem, “Witch’s Hands”,  Bête Noire, issue #23

Steven B. Katz

8 poems, “After Reading Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (A Pantoum)”; “The Clone Comes to Consciousness”; “Neuronic”; “Mimesis Mine”; “Pinball Goes Subatomic “; “Anyon There?”; “Virtual Gloves”; and “Avatar of Love, _Pre/Text_ (special issue on “Games and Rhetorics”)

Deborah Davitt

poem, (spec, online) “Knitting Souls,” Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, January 2017

poem, (non-spec, print/online) “Piano Tuning,” Three Line Poetry #41, January 16, 2017

poem, (non-spec, online) “Candle in a cup,” Stardust Haiku, Vol. 1, January 17, 2017

3 poems, (non-spec, online), “Summer in Memory’s Glass,” “Penn’s Woods,” and “Motion and Music,” Peacock Journal, January 25, 2017

Kenny A. Chaffin

2 prose poems, “The Preservation of Life” and “Oxygen,” Speculative 66, Issue 4, January 2017

Frederick Turner

poetry book, Apocalypse: An Epic Poem, Ilium Press, Sept. 2016

M.C. Childs

poem, “Building Soil (Hexagram 35) ,” Rose Red Review, Winter 2016

Colleen Anderson

poem “Garuda’s Gamble,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #30, Nov. 2016

poem, “A Good Catch,” Tailfins and Sealskins, Three Drops from a Cauldron Press, UK, Oct. 2016

poem, “Mermaid (villanelle),” Spirits Tincture #2, Nov. 2016

Akua Lezli Hope

poem, “Warning,” winner, PhotoFinish Prize, Iron Horse Literary Review, 12.31.16

3 poems, “ Smell of Firemen”, “we have no earlids”, “Routine”, Dozen: The Best of Breath and Shadow, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 12.23.16

Ken Poyner

poem, “Letter From The Great Grandchildren”, Panoply Magazine, January 2017, Issue 5, non-genre, web

2 poems, “To Seal The Deal”, “Freedom of Thought”, Wordland 7, theEXAGGERATEDpress UK, non-genre, print

poem, “Maintenance Call”,  Abyss and Apex, Issue 61, genre, web and print

Shannon Connor Winward

poem, (non-genre), “After Judith”, The Ekphrastic Review, January 2017

2 poems, (non-genre), “Getting Wet” and “To Do List”, The Monarch Review, January 2017

2 poems, (genre), “Beansidhe” and “Moon Song”, Tales to Terrify podcast, December 2016

Jenny Blackford

poem, “South Steyne,” Australian Poetry Collaboration #24, January 2017

Magdalena Ball

poetry book, Unmaking Atoms, Ginninderra Press, Jan 2017

Robert Frazier

2 poems, “William Carlos Williams Variation #3” & “William Carlos Williams Variation #4,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, Jan./Feb. 2017

poem, “The Pale of Chernobyl”, Dark Matter #10, Winter 2016/17

2 poems, “Past Closing Time at the Endtime Saloon” & “Here Is What You Must Do,” Altered Reality Magazine #3, Jan./Feb. 2017

Christina M. Rau

poem excerpt, “Overnight Rain,” Intersections–Poetry With Mathematics, January 2017

poem excerpts, Liberating The Astronauts, Tea & Fiction, Oct 2016 – Jan 2017

Michael H. Payne

poem, “Attack of the Fifty Foot Doughnut,” honorable mention, 115th Weekly Poetry Contest, Jan. 16-23, 2017,

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

poem, “Chicken Tracks,” Illumen, Winter 2017

poem, “Portrait of the Mad Scientist’s Wife,” Outposts of Beyond, Jan. 2017

David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

poem, “What People Were They Here,” Outposts of Beyond, Jan. 2017

Herb Kauderer

2 poems, “Extremist” & “Fly Movie Rationalization,” Disturbed Digest #15, December 2016

2 poems, “The Ways of Murphy” & “Darwin’s Nightmare,” Grievous Angel, Jan 23 2017

poem, “Old Tom Bedloe,” Care, a Not One of Us special, January 2017

Robin Wyatt Dunn

poem, “Stream With Blood,” In Between Hangovers, 1/26/17

poem, “Each light makes a spark,” Duane’s PoeTree Blog, 1/25/17

poem, “There is no end to it,” 1947 Journal, 1/20/17

assorted poems, Scarlet Leaf Review anniversary issue, 1/15/17

2 poems, “Burn me” and “Tear my hair,” Viral Cat Issue XVI, January 2017

poetry chapbook, Burning Los Angeles, Fowlpox Press, 1/9/17

poem, “Grief Run,” Cacti Fur,1/8/17

poem,  “No Death Comes Sweeter for Me Than in Los Angeles,” In Between Hangovers, January 6, 2017

poem, “Jakarta Kid,” 1947 Journal, January 5, 2017

Mary Soon Lee

poem, “Respect,” Polu Texni, 1/23/2017

poem, “The Imperial War,” Grievous Angel, 1/23/2017

poem, non-genre, “Undecorating,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 1/19/2017

F.J. Bergmann

3 poems, “Blight,” “Concealed Carry,” & “The Woman Who Could Not Imagine,” Lupine Lunes, Popcorn Press, 2016

Non-spec poem, “dead leaves,”, 11 December 2016

poem, “UFOlogy,” Analog, January-February 2017

chapbook manuscript, A Catalogue of the Further Suns, won Gold Line Press chapbook contest

Ashley Dioses

poem, “I. Nadia,” Devolution Z: The Horror Magazine, Winter 2017

poem, “Celestial Mysteries,” Outposts of Beyond, Alban Lake, Winter 2017

Peg Duthie

poem (non-genre), “Epiphany: Rudolph Doing the Camel,” Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, 4 January 2017


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