2017 Rhysling Nominee Publications

The nominations for the 2017 Rhysling Awards have closed, and this year’s chair, David C. Kopaska-Merkel is doing the final reviews on nomination qualifications and permissions.

This includes ensuring candidates have been nominated by active members for the correct categories and were published within the eligible time frame, which is an intensive process, especially when contacting poets and publishers from more underground and off-the-grid venues.

What we can say is that 77 distinct publications featured poems that were nominated this year in both long form and short forms, including the SFPA journals Star*Line and Eye To The Telescope. There were several new journals who debuted this year, as well as publishers that had poems nominated from their publications for the very first time. Nominees seemed to come predominantly from journals, or anthologies, more than from individual author collections.

But here we present the list of publications and venues of our 2017 Rhysling Award nominees and we thank and congratulate everyone who has supported the growth and diversity of speculative poetry in all of its many forms.

  1. Abbey
  2. Abyss & Apex
  3. The Adroit Journal
  4. Altered Reality Magazine
  5. Amethyst Arsenic
  6. Analog
  7. Angels of the Meanwhile
  8. Apex Magazine
  9. Aqueduct Press
  10. Arachne Press
  11. Asimov’s Science Fiction
  12. Bag Person Press
  13. Black Freighter Productions
  14. Blood Moon Rising Magazine
  15. Blue Monday Review
  16. Bracken Magazine
  17. Chizine Press
  18. Chrome Baby
  19. Cleaver
  20. Coe Review
  21. Concrete Wolf
  22. Cosmonomic Multimedia (Daily Nightmare)
  23. Dark Regions Press
  24. Devilfish Review
  25. Devolution Z: The Horror Magazine
  26. Dreams and Nightmares
  27. Eternal Haunted Summer
  28. Eye to the Telescope
  29. Faerie Magazine
  30. Found Poetry Review
  31. Frostfire Worlds
  32. The Future Fire
  33. Goblin Fruit
  34. Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Vol. III
  35. The Horror Zine
  36. Illumen
  37. Ipswich Poetry Feast International Poetry Competition
  38. Liminality
  39. Lovecraft eZine
  40. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
  41. Makaro Press
  42. Medium.com
  43. Mission at Tenth
  44. The Mithila Review
  45. Mythic Delirium
  46. The New England Journal of Medicine
  47. The New England Review of Books
  48. Nonbinary Review
  49. The Pedestal Magazine
  50. The Open Mouse
  51. Outposts of Beyond
  52. Parody
  53. Poem-A-Day
  54. Poetry Quarterly
  55. Polu Texni
  56. Popcorn Press  
  57. Rattle
  58. Raw Dog Screaming Press
  59. Recompose
  60. Remixt Magazine
  61. Rose Red Review
  62. Sanitarium Magazine
  63. Scifaikuest
  64. SFPA Poetry Contest
  65. Silver Blade
  66. Space & Time
  67. Spectral Realms
  68. Star*Line
  69. Stone Telling
  70. Strange Horizons
  71. Thrush Poetry Journal
  72. Twisted Moon
  73. Uncanny
  74. Weirderary
  75. The Were-Traveler
  76. Whitesboro Writers
  77. Yellow Chair Review

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