Riddled With Arrows goes live!

Award-winning writer Shannon Connor Winward, the secretary of the SFPA wears many hats, including founding editor of the new journal Riddled With Arrows

Their first issue just went live on the first day of Spring. Their debut issue features stories, poems and visual art by F.J. Bergmann, Matt Dennison, D.G. Geis, Liam Hogan, C.L. Holland, Alexander James, Anastasia Kirke, Elizabeth Eve King, Kim Peter Kovac, Sandra J. Lindow, Ross McCleary, Michelle Muenzler, Gregory Norris, Toti O’Brien, Bethany Powell, Wendy Rathbone, Sarah Brown Weitzman, Terry Wright, Tyler Young, and Andrena Zawinski.

Riddled with Arrows is “an online literary journal dedicated to writing about writing. They seek (short) metafiction and metapoems, and writing that celebrates the process and product of writing as art. No restrictions on genre or form, so long as the work is about writing, straight up.”

Be sure to check it out, and they are reading submissions for future issues as well as taking donations to help fund their future efforts.


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