SFPA Gets A New Name!

Many thanks to the 134 members who voted on whether or not to change the name and/or acronym of our organization. Thank you also for the meaningful discussion in our various forums that was instrumental in the decision to make this an official vote! Luckily, we have a very clear result and we can implement these in time for our 40th anniversary next year:

Should the SFPA change its name or not?

134 respondents:

85 votes (63.4%): YES – Change the name
49 votes (36.6%): NO – Keep the name


Keep the acronym or change the acronym (too):

100 respondents

75 votes (75%): KEEP the acronym
25 votes (25%): CHANGE the acronym (as well)


SFPA New name:

84 respondents
49 votes (58.3%): Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association
19 votes (22.6%): Speculative and Fantastic Poetry Association
10 votes (11.9%): Speculative and Fantasy Poetry Association
All other options garnered less than 10% of the vote put together


New Name AND Acronym:

34 respondents
15 votes (44.1%): Speculative Poetry Association (SPA)
14 votes (41.2%): Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFFPA)
5 votes (14.7%): Other

Therefore, we will henceforth and forevermore (at least until the next member vote) be known as:

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA)

The SFPA team!

5 thoughts on “SFPA Gets A New Name!

  1. Right, Andrew! Nor the San Francisco Paralegal Association (est. 1972) or the Southern Forest Products Association. But we’re hoping that the regular sighting of spaceships, magicians, ghosts, robots, and other fantastic entities and locales of the imagination on our posts will help most folks avoid confusion. 🙂


    1. @Mike

      By that reasoning, almost nobody has heard of *any* apa.

      But you’re wrong, I think. Many if not most fans in Southeastern USA probably have heard of SFPA.


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