SFPA Gets A New Name!


Many thanks to the 134 members who voted on whether or not to change the name and/or acronym of our organization. Thank you also for the meaningful discussion in our various forums that was instrumental in the decision to make this an official vote! Luckily, we have a very clear result and we can implement these in time for our 40th anniversary next year:

Should the SFPA change its name or not?

134 respondents:

85 votes (63.4%): YES – Change the name
49 votes (36.6%): NO – Keep the name


Keep the acronym or change the acronym (too):

100 respondents

75 votes (75%): KEEP the acronym
25 votes (25%): CHANGE the acronym (as well)


SFPA New name:

84 respondents
49 votes (58.3%): Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association
19 votes (22.6%): Speculative and Fantastic Poetry Association
10 votes (11.9%): Speculative and Fantasy Poetry Association
All other options garnered less than 10% of the vote put together


New Name AND Acronym:

34 respondents
15 votes (44.1%): Speculative Poetry Association (SPA)
14 votes (41.2%): Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFFPA)
5 votes (14.7%): Other

Therefore, we will henceforth and forevermore (at least until the next member vote) be known as:

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (SFPA)

The SFPA team!