SFPA Treasurer Election

When Bryan Thao Worra was elected as the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association’s (SFPA) president last year, it was clear the position of Treasurer, which he had hitherto held, would need to be newly elected. We have been fortunate to have Deborah Flores serving as interim co-treasurer (with Bryan). Flores held the position of Treasurer for the SFPA at one time and it was wonderful that she could step in and cover some of the duties.

Now, we have arrived at election time! We have two wonderful and wonderfully qualified candidates in Denise Clemons and AJ Odasso. We would like to introduce them to you now.

17e703bDenise Clemons
of Lewes, Delaware. Her writing credentials range across poetry, fiction and nonfiction published in chapbooks, anthologies and journals, as well as 12 years (and counting) of a weekly newspaper column. She serves on the Board of the Eastern Shore Writers Association. She participates in Science Fiction Convention panels and workshops on topics such as speculative poetry and world building.

Her financial credentials (including the ability to balance her checkbook) include serving on numerous corporate and non-profit boards in various offices, from Treasurer to President, including Treasurer of the Board of Multi-Family Initiatives; Treasurer of the Delaware State Society, NSDAR; and Treasurer of Colonel David Hall Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.


Rkmg9jtW_400x400AJ Odasso – Many likely know Odasso already in the greater SF/F/Spec community and from her editorship in the Poetry Department at Strange Horizons, for more information on her writing and editing bio go to her staff entry on Strange Horizons.

She’s served as Treasurer in several volunteer arts organizations.  During her time as a graduate student in the UK, she served as Treasurer for both the University of York theater troupe The Lords of Misrule, as well as for the York Literature Festival (in which instance she helped to secure Arts Council grant funding in its first couple of years, and the festival still exists today).  Additionally, she spent a couple of years working for Royal Bank of Scotland on a team that managed high net-worth accounts throughout the UK and Europe.  In her departmental university administrative responsibilities at Harvard Business School, Wellesley College, and now the University of New Mexico (where she is also Part-Time Faculty), she has been and remains in charge of accounting and reimbursements.
The election is open to SFPA members in good standing at the close of the election period (June 1, 2017). If you would like to join the SFPA please go to our website: sfpoetry.com. Questions may be directed to Diane Severson Mori, membership chair.

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