2017 Rhysling Poets’ Showcase #12


Welcome back to the 2017 Rhysling Poets’ Showcase! On this week’s docket, we’ll meet  six poets who’ve walked wide and diverse roads to reach this point. Their poetry can be found in full in the Anthology (which if you are a member, you will receive, and if you are not, you may purchase a PDF or pre-order the print anthology now).



Wendy RathboneWendy Rathbone has had over 500 poems published in both mainstream and genre venues. Her newest chapbooks are “Turn Left at November” and “Dead Starships” both available as ebooks and paper from Amazon, and both nominated for the Elgin Award. Wendy has been nominated over a dozen times for the SFPA’s Rhysling Award, and for the Dwarf Star short-short poetry award. In 2016 she won third place in the SFPA’s Poetry Contest in the “long poem” category.  She also has several novels published, mostly recently “The Android and the Thief” from Dreamspinner Press. She lives in the high desert of Yucca Valley, CA with her partner of 36 years, Della Van Hise, three dogs and three cats.

Kendal EvansKendall Evans’ stories and poems have appeared in nearly all the major science fiction and fantasy magazines, including Asimov’s SF, Analog, Weird Tales, Strange Horizons, Weirdbook, Mythic Delirium, Nebula Award Showcase 2012, Dreams & Nightmares, Space & Time, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, Amazing Stories, Fantastic, Bare Bone, Terminal Frights, Spectral Realms, and many others. He is the author of the novel The Rings of Ganymede and a number of chapbooks, including Poetry Red-Shifted in the Eyes of a Dragon; Separate Destinations, The Tin Men, and Nightship to Nowhere (these three written in collaboration with David C. Kopaska-Merkel); I Feel So Schizophrenic, the Starship’s Aft-Brain Said; and In Deepspace Shadows. 

John ReinhartAn arsonist by trade, John Reinhart lives on a farmlette in Colorado with his wife and children. He is a Frequent Contributor at the Songs of Eretz, editor at Poetry Nook, and member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. He was awarded the 2016 Horror Writers Association Dark Poetry Scholarship, and is a Rhysling and Dwarf Stars Award nominee. To date, he has penned two chapbooks and two full length collections. More of his work is available at: http://www.patreon.com/johnreinhart, https://www.facebook.com/JohnReinhartPoet, and https://twitter.com/JReinhartPoet.

Gary EveryGary Every is the author of ten books of prose, poetry, nature essays, history, and speculative fiction.  As a journalist he has won regional awards for stories such as “The Apache Naichee Ceremony” and “Losing Geronimo’s Language.”  These stories and many more are included in his book “The Shadow of the OhshaD”.  An avid writer and reader of small press science fiction he is the author of two novellas “Inca Butterflies” and “The Saint and the Robot”.  Gary has been a performing poet and professional storyteller for two decades.  Links to him performing include Verde River Blues, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDTdgD3wc5w and With God On Our Side from the annual Bob Dylan Bobfest in Sedona, Arizona  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3COMqTk86c

Alice Fanchiang

Alice Fanchiang is a story scribbler and not-so-penniless poet from sunny California. Classical mythology is one of her first loves. So it’s fitting this is her first published poem. When she isn’t binge-watching TV, she blogs about wanderlust at Girl On The Roam and books and geekery at A Nudge in the Right Direction. She can be reached on Twitter @kangaru.


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