Rhysling Poets Showcase #16

16-rhsylingWelcome to this, the 16th in our 2017 Rhysling Poets’ Showcase series.

Today it is our privilege to introduce six more fantastic poets whose Rhysling-nominated poems you can read in this year’s Rhysling Anthology. If you are a member of the SFPA, you will receive a print copy of that anthology, if you haven’t already.

If you aren’t a member, you may purchase a PDF or order the print anthology here. As noted before, we will link to the nominated poems here when possible. (Some poems appear only in print but we are working on getting around that). For this installment, say hello to:


Terry millerTerry Miller lives in Harlan, Kentucky. He developed a taste for horror and the macabre at an early age and his fascination with the genre is prevalent in his work. His brand of dark verse has been featured in horror fiction magazines from the UK and Canada. His own collection, “Fleshlings”, is now available for purchase on Amazon.


mirovLev Mirov is a disabled mixed race Filipino-American who feeds the ghosts of Antietam when it rains. He lives with his spouse and writing partner Aleksei I. Valentin and is preparing their first book, The God of Small Things, for release in early 2017. For more of his poetry, recent or upcoming short fiction, and the book, read at levmirov.wordpress.com or follow on Twitter at @thelionmachine.


dl myersD.L. Myers is a writer of weird poetry in the tradition of H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, George Sterling and Robert E. Howard.



michael hansonThe son of a U.S. Army Sergeant and a Nurse, Michael H. Hanson is the fourth of five children and was born in New York State’s Northcountry (a land so frigid and forbidding that at least once a year it is quoted on Winter news broadcasts as “the coldest spot in the nation”). After a short stint in the U.S. Air Force, Michael attended Syracuse University, where alongside his filmmaking activities he found a few spare moments to study creative writing and poetry. He graduated from the Newhouse School of Public Communications with a degree in Film Production in 1989. A transplanted New Yorker, Michael acquired dual-citizenship with his name being entered into Ireland’s Foreign Births Entry Book. A haunted Sagittarian, he presently resides in Piscataway, NJ where he edits engineering society journals for a living, and occasionally dabbles in genealogy research and collecting impressionist and plein air oil paintings. Michael spends his free time spinning both tales of the fantastic, and introspective poetry, in his small but cozy garden apartment.

Lee S. Hawke is a science fiction writer by early morning, a technology lawyer by day, and an avid reader in all the other spare moments they can find. They have two dogs, a robot vacuum named Cinderella, and probably spend far too much time online learning things and arguing with people. These facts all may or may not be related. At the end of the day, they write “because the world is such a brilliant, bloody, fascinating place. I write because not a day goes by without me learning something new and thinking what if…” And they write to connect people with stories. “If just one person reads something of mine that makes them look at the world a different way, then I’ll count that as a success.”

Carolyn M. Hinderliter is a member of the Haiku Society of America and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her poems have been translated into multiple languages and published in a variety of anthologies, online and print magazines around the world, including Scifaikuest, Chrysanthemum, Prune Juice, and The Mainichi Daily News.


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