Member News-April, 2017

April was a very busy month for the members of the SFPA in terms of presentations, publications, and other special projects. Our thanks go to Michael H. Payne who took the time to gather together all of our reports from across the country. We congratulate everyone on their successes and look forward to even more news from you in the future!

Geoffrey A. Landis

A large gathering of SF poets read at two “Words and Worlds” poetry sessions held at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA) in Orlando Florida March 23-25. The list of poets reading was:

Donna Hooley, Mary A. Turzillo, Bernadette L. Bosky, Sandra Lindow, Jaymee Goh, Marilyn Jurich, Bruce Boston, Marge Simon, Richard Larson, Gina Wisker, Geoffrey A. Landis, John Glover, Don Riggs, Bryan Dietrich, Andy Miller, David Lunde

Ken Poyner

prose poem, “Harvest”, Unbroken Journal, April 2017, non-genre, web,

poem, “Basic Life”, Spank the Carp, issue 28, genre, web,

poem, “Factory Settings”, Gyroscope, issue 17.2, genre, web/print,

2 poems, “Workman’s End”, “Necessary Work”, Blue Collar Review, Volume 20 #2, non-genre, print,

poem, “Our Religious Conversion”, Analog, CXXXVII 1&2, genre, print,

2 poems, “All Things Being Equal”, “The Afternoon Walk”, Rat’s Ass Review, Summer 2017, non-genre, web,

Sara Backer

poem (non-genre). “The Bad Lands Spoke,” Turtle Island Quarterly #12 Spring 2017,

Deborah Davitt

poem (spec). “Diaspora,” Gyroscope Review, Spring 2017, issue 17-2, April 1. (p. 28),

4 poems (spec). “Taos Sirens,” “Paratopia,” “Shadow Cast,” and “Saturnine,” Altered Reality, April 2, 2017,

poem (spec). “Asteroids,” Three Line Poetry #42, April 12, 2017,

poem. “I dream of hidden rooms,” Undertow Tanka Review issue 11, April 20, 2017,

Cindy O’Quinn

poem, “The Spook Tree” Blood Moon Rising Magazine issue 66,

poem, “Visit” Rat’s Ass Review/Love & Ensuing Madness,

3 Poems, “Reflection,” “Ghosts,” & “In Bed”. The Paragon Journal,

Poem, “Only at Night” Black Petals issue 78,

Shannon Connor Winward

“The Ballad of Molly Malone”, poem, contest winner (second place),  Lyon Celtic Poetry Contest, Arkansas Scottish Festival

Poetry Hacks: Simple Ways to Boost Your Poetic Prowess, workshop 4/1/17, Bear Library Writers and Poets Workshop Day, Bear, Delaware,

Get Out & Write: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Speculative Poetry, workshop 4/22/17, Written Remains Writers Guild, Hockessin Library, Hockessin, Delaware,

Alan Ira Gordon

poem, “Me And Cinderella,” Illumen, Alban Lake Publishing, Spring 2017,

poem, “ISEE-3 Orders The Combo Special,” FrostFire Worlds, Alban Lake Publishing, February 2017,

poem, “Werewolf Eating Disorder,” Lupine Lunes, Popcorn Press, November 2016,

Jenny Blackford

spec-fic-tinged poetry book, The Loyalty of Chickens, Pitt Street Poetry,

Robert Frazier

poem, “Your Clone Watches Over You,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, pg. 41, May/June 2017,

C.R. Harper

3 poems (non-genre), “reunion lunch,” “…talk radio silence…” and “family retreat,” Failed Haiku, issue 13, Jan 2017,

poem (non-genre), “one-eighty,” Snakeskin Magazine 237, February 2017,

poem “starstruck,” Scifaikuest 55, February 2017,

2 poems, “ready shuttle droid” (noting first appearance in Dreams & Nightmares #103) and “ger-,” Prune Juice 21, March 2017,

poem (non-genre), “desert song…” cattails, April 2017,

Holly Walrath

2 poems, “Lunar Girl Drinks Poetry from the Stars” and “Reflection”, Mithila Review Issue 8 April 10th,

Holly Walrath, Layla Al-Bedawi, and Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

Poem, “My City of Ruin, in The Santa Monica Prophecies: A Collaborative Triptych,” Mithila Review Issue 8 April 10th,

Herb Kauderer

4 poems and 1 NF, “Looking into Space”, “oort cloud tides”, “zymurgy”, “The Hands of an Aristocrat”, “Poetry Note” (about “Looking into Space”), Illumen #27

2 poems “Random Distribution” & “Divided” in Stinkwaves 5:1 Spring 2017

Visiting artist at SUNY Niagara County Community College with classroom visits and a featured reading.  April 27.

2 poems “A Twisted Certainty”, “The Great Lakes of Mars,” Dreams & Nightmares #106

Mary Soon Lee

poem, “The Sign of the King,” Strange Horizons, 4/24/2017,

poem, “Portraits,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 4/25/2017,

poem, non-genre, “Yayoi Kusama,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 4/12/2017,

2 poems, print only, “Angshan” and “Second Sight,” Rune Literary Journal 2017,

poem, non-genre, print only, “Afternoon Tea,” Concho River Review, Volume 31, Number 1, Spring 2017,

Bryan Thao Worra
Visiting Artist in Residence for the UC-Merced Center for the Humanities, Merced, CA, April 3-27th, 2017.

Colleen Anderson

poem, “Voodoo Doll,”, Grievous Angel, May 1, 2017,



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