Eye To The Telescope Seeks Garbage! (The Good Kind) by June 15th

We hope you’ve been enjoying Alan Ira Gordon’s selections for his guest editorship of Eye to the Telescope 23: Alternate Stories/Alternate Realities!

There’s just a few weeks left to get in your submissions for the next issue of Eye To The Telescope 25: Garbage!, which will be edited by John Reinhart, due out in July. He needs your submissions (between 1-5 poems) by June 15th!

Here’s what he’s looking for:

Garbage, trash, refuse, junk, detritus, waste, rubbish. It’s that stuff on the curb, orbiting our planet, jammed into that drawer in the kitchen that always requires an extra shimmy before it’ll close.

The human relationship with waste is a close one. It’s also one where perspective is vital. One multidimensional being’s waste byproduct may be another less mobile humanoid extraterrestrial’s valued possession, or however that saying goes. What are the stories aged space debris tells their newer members? How do the outer worlds deal with the issue of garbage? Who are the people who deal with trash?

I am interested in poetry that addresses all aspects of garbage in the speculative realm. I’ve been a garbage man, a dumpster diver, and a treasure walker. Although I am not likely to sing Oscar the Grouch’s “I Love Trash,” I have an affinity for the overlooked, the discarded, the junk of modern life—and I want to know what the future holds.

images john reinhart

In a world of planned obsolescence “the most rebellious act is continual creation.” With three children, John Reinhart feels a visceral obligation to live artistically, to demonstrate that there is no need to live inside a box – in fact, that box can be transformed.

He writes poetry by necessity. “By transforming our language, we can envision new worlds. ” His first chapbook, encircled, is available from Prolific Press. His second chapbook, Horrific Punctuation, is available from Tiger’s Eye Press. He also has two full-length collections:  invert the helix from Pski’s Porch Publishing and broken bottle of time from Alban Lake Publishing

He selected this issue’s theme in part because he collects refuse he finds while walking. He transforms these oddments into new forms, redeeming their obsolescence by discovering new beauty. As a case in point:

A high school teacher, he has recorded three albums of traditional fiddle music. He still collaborates musically on a regular basis with Patrick Reinhart, and is in the process of recording a new experimental album.

With Eye to the Telescope: Garbage! there are many different directions you can take this theme, so we’re naturally looking for diverse voices and some groundbreaking work for consideration this time! If you have any questions, e-mail ettt25@sfpoetry.com and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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