Write Now! #1

clue gameHi, writers! It’s time to get writing.

Have you ever played Clue? (You might know it as Cluedo).  Or maybe you saw the movie. Even if you’ve done neither, you’ve probably heard a phrase like Colonel Mustard in the observatory with the lead pipe.

So here’s your prompt: write a poem using the vocabulary of Clue. Of course, you can include words not associated with the game, but maybe a bigger challenge is to use only Clue vocabulary.

Here’s a word bank to get you started:

Colonel     Scarlet     Green     Professor     White     Peacock
Mustard    Plum    Library    Conservatory    Billiard room
Dining room     Kitchen     Secret passageway   Lounge
Ballroom     Revolver     Candlestick    Rope    Knife
Lead pipe    Wrench    Boddy estate     Cellar   Hall
Blackmail    Accusation    Murder    Suggestion
Red herring    Study    Suspect    Dice   Pawn    Clues
Solution    Door    Mansion    Deduce    Victim  Weapon

Feel free to use your own version of the game (there are several) and there are plenty more words than the ones here. Your poem could be about a murder mystery, but it can also be about anything else.

If you want, share your successes in the comments.


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