Write Now! #5

It’s time for a brain teaser. Usually, the goal is to figure out the puzzle. Here, instead of finding the “right” answer, find the “write” answer (contrary to what’s apparent here, I’m not a big fan of puns). Still, figuring out the “right” answer may also lead to some interesting verse, so if you want to unlock the puzzle, use the number combined with the capital letters to figure out the popular phrase, object, adage or idiom. Otherwise, make up whatever you think those letters stand for.

26 = L of the A

7 = W of the AW

12 = S of the Z

54 = C in a D (with the J)

9 = P in the SS

88 = PK

13 = S on the AF

0 = DC at which WF

18 = H on a GC

90 = D in a RA

200 = D for PG in M

8 = S on a SS

3 = BM (SHTR)

24 = H in a D

1 = W on a U

5 = D in a ZC

57 = HV

11 = P on a FT

1,000 = W that a P is W

29 = D in F in a LY

64 = S on a C

40 = D and N of the GF

36 = I in a Y

6 = W of H the E

3 = P for a FG in F


Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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