Diversicon 2017 Report: Dreaming Silver

The Science Fiction Poetry Association survived Diversicon!

Thanks go to all of our fellow SFPA members who came. SFPA President Bryan Thao Worra, SFPA Vice-President Sandy J. Lindow and outgoing Star*Line Editor F.J. Bergmann formally announced and read the Rhysling Award winners this year for the convention participants. We were able to hold a very engaging workshop on speculative poetry writing that was very well received.

A poetry round-robin was held during the convention, including SFPA members Terry A. Garey and Ruth Berman, as well as the SFPA officers and editors in attendance. There was a memorial panel for John C. Rezmerski, Michael Levy and Marian Turner.

The SFPA be back next July where Bryan Thao Worra will be serving as one of the Diversicon Guests of Honor. Anticipate a very large speculative poetry track for guests!

Diversicon is an annual speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy, or SF) convention held in the Summer in Minnesota. Diversicon provides programming and social opportunities to encourage the multicultural, multimedia exploration and celebration of SF by those within and outside of the traditional SF community. Organized by SF Minnesota, Diversicon includes both live and posthumous guests.

This year’s theme was “Dreaming Silver,” and the guests were author Melissa Scott and Eleanor Arnason, who read several of her poems during the Poetry round-robin. The posthumous honorees were John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Bloch. Convention art was provided by SFPA member Nor Sanavongsay.



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