Member News-July, 2017

Our thanks as always to Michael H. Payne for rounding up our members news for the month! Over 27 of our members at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association reported new sales, publications, special events and other news! Congratulations to everyone, and we look forward to hearing about more of your successes soon! Keep inspired and creative!


Michael H. Payne

poem, “Foolish Consistency,” honorable mention, Poetry Nook 138th Weekly contest, June 26, 2017 to July 3, 2017,


Sara Backer

non-genre poem, “Photoshoot,” Salomé, Issue 2, July 2017,

speculative poem, “For Rent,”  Silver Blade, Issue 34, Spring 2017,

non-genre poem, “Peaches,” Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, 23 May 2017,


Deborah L Davitt

poem, spec, “Garden Planet,” Abyss & Apex, #63, July 1, 2017,

2 poems, spec, “The Courtesan” and “Russalka,” Devilfish Review, #19, July 2017,

2 poems, spec, “For Sale” and “Silent Songs,” Spectral Realms #7, Summer 2017,

poem, spec, “Postcard from Callisto,” Polu Texni,  July 24, 2017,

2 poems, spec, “Inhuman Nature” and “Dolls,” Grievous Angel, July 25, 2017,


Deborah L Davitt and Kendall Evans

poem, spec, “His Voice in the Whisper of Waves,” Spectral Realms #7, Summer 2017,


A.J. Odasso

short-listed for Eyewear Publishing’s 2017 Sexton Prize,

poem, “The Devil in Boston,” Barking Sycamores, Issue 12,


David C. Kopaska-Merkel

poem, “The Wood that Rings the World,” Outposts of Beyond, July, 2017,


Shannon Connor Winward

poem, “Below,” All Out Monster Revolt, June 2017,

poem, “Red Fire Monkey,” Obra/Artifact: Mythos, July 2017,

poem, “The Hawthorn Muses,” Timeless Tales: Arthurian Legends, July 2017,


Ken Poyner

poem, genre, “First Landing”, Abyss and Apex, 1 July 2017,


Peter Roberts

poem, “the weight of each breath,” Illumen, 28, Summer 2017 (vol. XIII, no. 4),


Kristin Anderson

poem, “Pillow, Screwdriver,” Underblong, Issue 1,

poem, “My skin felt too hot,” FLAPPERHOUSE, Summer 2017,

poem, “Singed, Unhurt,” Roanoke Review Volume XLII,

2 poems, “Subaudible” and “All right, though,” Atlas + Alice, Summer 2017,


Gene Twaronite

5 poems, 1st one spec, “What the Gargoyle Sees,” “Peeling the Bark,” “Democracy at the Mall,” “After Hearing the Young Black Poet,” and “A Would-Be Mix,” Ginosko Literary Journal Issue 19,

2 poems, 2nd one spec, “The Stuff of Poetry” and “The Last Fact,” Wilderness House Literary Review, Summer 2017,

poem, “Faith,” Broad River Review, Vol. 49, 2017, (print),


Wendy Van Camp

4 poems, “Geomagnetic Reversal”, “Las Champ Event”, “Magnetic Zero”, “Core”, Far Horizons Magazine, July 2017,


Jenny Blackford

poem, “Beast”, Strange Horizons July 2017,


Ashley Dioses

poem, “Lady Death,” Obscurum: The Death Issue #2, Wolfwych Press, Summer 2017,


Bryan Thao Worra

poem, “Ecce Monstro,” Poetry, July 2017,

Speculative Poetry Presentations, CONvergence, Minneapolis, MN July 7-9th; G-Fest, Chicago, IL, July 14-16th; Diversicon, St. Paul, MN, July 21-23rd; Southeast Asian American Studies Conference, UMass-Lowell, MA, July 27-29th


Sue Burke

4 translations of poems by Vicente Núñez, “Twilight in Poley,” “Books,” “Hymn I,” and “Hymn III,” The Northwest Review of Books Issue 1: Literature in Translation, July 2017,


Mary McMyne

poem, non-genre/print, “Louisiana Disaster Recovery 3.0,” Gulf Coast v. 29.2, July 2017,



4 poems, “Figura Serpentinata,” “Nolo me tangere,” “Ecstasy (Full Moon Dance),” and “Dancing Buddha,” as well as an article about the poems by Prof. Pilar Viviente, Socialist Factor, May 2017


Mary Soon Lee

​5 panels and a reading coming up at Confluence, August 4-6, 2017. Mary’s schedule is at ​ Conference website is at

poem, “Between,” Uppagus #24, July 2017,


Andrea Blythe

poem, “Carrie White: Our Lady of Blood,” Diode Poetry Journal, vol. 10, no. 2, June 2017,

poem, non-genre, “The Idea, What Else,” Rogue Agent, July 2017,


Andrea Blythe and Laura Madeline Wiseman

poem, “Stumble Tumble Down This Rabbit Hole,” Devilfish Review, Issue 19, July 2017,


Herb Kauderer

poem, non-genre, “Progressing,” Snakeskin Poetry #242,

11 poems, “Sentient Pushing”, “listener”, “what lay underfoot”, “Doom”, “Having Touched Sky”, “Look the Other Way”, “Depth Perception”, “Satyr Insane”, “Medusa”, “Space Efficient”, and “Arachnid Defense”, Altered Reality,

poem, non-genre, “street cleaner,” Micropoetry, 2 July 2017,

2 poems, non-genre, “Cyberhome” and “Anticipation,” Ground & Sky Quarterly #3,

4 poems, “limits”, “The Revelation”, “The First Battle of the Puffer War” and “Studies,” Outposts of Beyond,

poem, “Ganymede,” Illumen,


Delbert R. Gardner

poem (nongenre/print), “What Leaf-Fringed Legend?,” El Portal (Eastern New Mexico University’s literary magazine), Vol. 75, No. 1, Spring 2017,

humor about writing poetry with poems, “New Wings for the Muse,” Peacock Journal, Jan. 12, 2017,


Delbert R. Gardner and Adele Gardner

poem (genre/online), “Pre-Raphaelite Girls,” Buckshot Magazine, July 12, 2017,


Adele Gardner

poem (genre/electronic), “Silicone Valley (after “Eldorado” by Edgar Allan Poe),” NonBinary Review #12: The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, March 2017,

3 poems (reprints, nongenre/print), “The Cities: approximately 7 x 7 years later,” “The Gift,” and “I Have Seen Too Much,” DoveTales: Refugees and the Displaced, An International Journal of the Arts (Fort Collins, CO: Writing for Peace), 2017,

poem (genre/online), “Haunt Me,” Mythic Delirium 3.4, Apr.-June 2017,,

poem (genre/print and online), “Song of a Changeling,” Balticon 51: The BSFAN, May 2017, Winner: 3rd Place, Balticon Poetry Contest, Baltimore Science Fiction Society, 2017,,

Featured Poet, 4 poems (reprints, genre/print and electronic), “I Sing Ophelia,” “A Keepsake Box for Poe,” “Godolin’s Remains,” and “Die Alone, the Demon Said,” Disturbed Digest: Dark Fantasy and Horror, #17, June 2017, 5th Anniversary Double Issue,


Lisa Timpf

poem (non-genre), “Kettling” (print), Third Wednesday, Volume X, No. 3,

5 poems (Genre, Print), “False Daylight”, “Pioneer Spirit”, “Rescue”, “Seeking Other Lands”, and “Those Who Remain”, Outposts of Beyond, July 2017, Alban Lake Publishing,


Jane Yolen

2 group readings, Edinburgh Book Festival in Scotland, August 16, 9-11 PM,, and August 17, 12:30-1:30 PM,

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