Write Now! #14

The rule of three is a fun suggestion for writers who want to carry a cadence or get some laughs. Three is also a great number for mix and match. Choose one from Red, one from Blue, and one from Green below as a starting point for your poem. Then go wherever the combination takes you.

a beach          the surface of the sun          pirate ship’s deck
under the bottom of the sea          Yellowstone National Park         a prairie
inside an icicle          midair on a blustery day

ear ache          splintered twig         bus windshield         foot massager
fresh receipt          paint flecks         melted lollipop         frayed yarn
user manual          flag pin

seventeen          life on Neptune          hogwash          festival
Wonder Wheel          shake          safety first          seahorse
paperweight          bacon          speedster          fork drawer

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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