Eye to the Telescope Seeks Arthuriana!

As we approach the 40th anniversary of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, the next issue of the Eye to the Telescope will explore all things Arthurian, thanks to our guest editor Adele Gardener!

From early epics to modern fantasy and science fiction, stories of the Round Table continue to fascinate. Enter into dialogue with Celtic legends, medieval romances, Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite revivals, folk songs, or echoes of Arthuriana in a wide variety of times and places. In addition to the traditional settings, the editor welcomes versions of Arthurian tales that intersect with the heroic, chivalric, or martial arts traditions of many cultures. See an old character through new eyes or invent a new character encountering the familiar figures of the Arthurian mythos in the past, present, or future. Time travelers and enchantresses are equally welcome, and less frequently seen viewpoints are encouraged.

Please state in your cover letter the version and aspect of the Arthurian tradition you are responding to in your poem. This editor is partial to both formal and free verse; be aware that she may inquire about the possibility of revisions before deciding whether or not to accept. Reprints are welcomed! May the road rise up to meet you on your quest!


  • Please send submissions to ettt27@sfpoetry.com with the subject line “ETTT sub:” followed by the poet’s name.
  • Please submit 1–5 poems in English (in body of email or attached as .rtf).
  • Include a short bio.
  • Deadline: December 15, 2017. The issue will appear on January 15, 2017.

For full details visit Eye to the Telescope. Also be sure to check out our current issue.

Eye to the Telescope, a quarterly online journal, began publishing science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative poetry in 2011, under the auspices of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association. Its editors are selected by the current SFPA president and change with each issue; as a result, editorial policies change with each issue as well.

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