Star*Line 40.4 arriving soon!

Our STAR*LINE editor Vince Gotera recently showed us the cover of the forthcoming issue, featuring “Raven in Eden,” a collage by poet and artist Anita Endrezze. Star*Line and many members of the SFPA will be celebrating Native American Heritage Month (November in the U.S.).


Anita Endrezze is a writer, poet, teacher, and artist. Her most recent book, a short story collection called “Butterfly Moon”, was published by U of AZ Press in 2012. She also has a new chapbook of poems, “Breaking Edges”,  from Red Bird Press in January 2012.  In 2014, Red Bird published a collection of poems and art titled “A Thousand Branches”.

Her previous publications include: “Throwing fire at the Sun, water at the Moon” (University of Arizona Press, 2000), “at the helm of twilight” (Broken Moon Press, 1992), “Bjerget og Skystaanden” (CD-Forlag, 1986), “Lune d’Ambre” (Rougerie, 1991), and three other books. Her work has been translated into ten languages (Farsi, Danish, French, German, Macedonian, and Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Catalonian, and Spanish). A recent broadside from Red Bird Press featured her poem “K.I.A”, along with artist James Autio.

For any of those of you who might be interested, more of Anita’s work can be viewed on her website here:

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