Member News-October, 2017

Where has the time gone? Our members had a hauntingly good month this past October at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association with many fine successes to report! Michael H. Payne did a wonderful job gathering together the news from our many members around the world. Congratulations, and we look forward to more news from each of you soon!

Adele Gardner

poetry workshop, Sat., Nov. 11, 10:30am, Meeting Room A, Hampton Main Library, 4207 Victoria Blvd., Hampton, VA 23669, ages 18+, 757-727-1312,

science fiction & fantasy poetry workshop, Tues., Nov. 28, 12-1 pm, Meeting Room B, Hampton Main Library, 4207 Victoria Blvd., Hampton, VA 23669, ages 18+, 757-727-1312,


Michael H. Payne

poem, “A New Age,” Write Like You’re Alive 2017, Zoetic Press, Oct. 2017,


Elizabeth Barrette

poems sponsored and posted on The Wordsmith’s Forge Polychrome Heroics sale page,

poems from the October Poetry Fishbowl, The Wordsmith’s Forge fishbowl report,


Trisha J. Wooldridge

prose poem, “Ghosts in Their Eyes,” Wicked Haunted: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers, NEHW Press, 2017,

poem, “Circus Under the Bed,” Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep: A Charity Anthology Benefitting The Jimmy Fund / Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Necon Ebooks, 2017,


Shannon Connor Winward

workshop, “You Must Submit: How to Shop your Writing to Magazines, Journals and Publishers,”

poem, “Archaeology” (spec), Abyss & Apex, October 2017,

poem, “Osiris in My Coffee Shop” (spec),  Mirrordance, October 2017,


Christina M. Rau

2 “Misfit Docs” at Queen Mob’s Teahouse, “Shopping List For An Urban Space Cowboy,” and “Fiddling For Beginners,”, Oct 2017


Deborah Davitt

poem, (non-genre, probably) “Old Foes,” Poetry Quarterly, Summer 2017. (October 13, 2017)


Gary O. Clark

poem, “Probabilities”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Nov/Dec. 2017,

2 poems, “Corn Maze” and “A Death In the Family”, Into Darkness Peering, ed. Tyree Campbell,  Alban Lake Publishing, 2017,


Stace Johnson

5 panelist appearances (one SF poetry panel, several others), MileHiCon, Oct. 27-29, 2017,


Colleen Anderson

poem, (online), “Rapunzel and Medusa”, Polu Texni, Sept. 2017,

poem, (online), “Witch Moon”, The Future Fire 42, Oct. 2017,

poem, (digital/print), “Wings”, HWA Poetry Showcase IV, Oct. 2017,

poem, (print/nongenre), “you cannot close a cat’s eyes”, The Quilliad #8, Oct. 2017,

interview, (online, podcast) Urban Fantasist Weird Tales Show (Charles Christian interviews me 44 minute mark), Urban Fantasist, Oct. 2017,


Mary Cresswell

poetry collection, Field Notes, Markaro Press,


Gene Twaronite

5 poems, non-genre/online, “Pigeon Spikes,” “Prescription,” “Feeling the Heat,” “Deep Discount,” “Timepiece,” The Ravens Perch,


Frank Coffman

3 poems, “The Fateful Flower,” “The Witch of the Wood” and “Samhain Redivivus,” Spectral Realms #6,

2 poems, “Dracul’s Desmesne” and “Metamorphosis,” Spectral Realms #7,

poem, “The Summoner,” Gathering Storm Magazine vol.1 no. 2,

2 poems, “Finis” and “The Flame and the Shadow,” Gathering Storm Magazine vol.1 no. 3,

2 poems, “Cwn Annwn [The Hounds of Annwen]” and “Unheeded Warning” Gathering Storm Magazine vol.1 no. 4,

poem, “The Master’s Advice to the Apprentice Mage” Gathering Storm Magazine vol.1 no. 5,

poem, “Behind the Mask,” Cyaegha,

poem, “Forbidden Words,” Forbidden Knowledge: Darkness Ascending, Cyaegha Special Publication #6,

haiku, Haikuniverse, 6-21-17,

2 poems, “time machine” and “Aokighara,” Scifaikuest, Aug. 2017,

poem, “Jack,” Eldritch Tales, vol. 2, no. 1,

poem, “The Offering,” Crypt of Cthulhu #108,


Richard Magahiz

untitled haiku, Jumble Box, CreateSpace, August 28, 2017,


Sandra Lindow

poem, “Prelude to Spring,” Barstow and Grand,

poem, “A Calculus,” The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Volume 7 Issue 2 (July 2017),

poem, “What Do Simple Folk Do?” (Guinevere’s Complaint and Merlin’s Reply) Timeless Tales 8: Arthurian Legends,

poem, “How to Write Your Own Peony,” reprint, Riddled with Arrows,

poem, “April Poetry Month,” 2018 Poets’ Calendar,

poem, “Autumn Window” Volume One, April 2017,

poem, “Robert the Robot tells the Pepsi Cola Mechanical Bear,” Bramble, March 2017,

poem, “Once,” Riddled by Arrows, March 2017,

poem, “Rain Dance,” Blue Heron Review, February 2017,

poem, “The Venus of Letting Go” Dreams and Nightmares 105, January 2017,

edited Fall 2017 issue of Bramble,


Ashley Dioses

poetry collection, Diary of a Sorceress, Hippocampus Press,


Neile Graham

poem, “The God of Unmendable Things,” The Literary Nest 3:3, Fall 2017,

poem, “The Alchemy of Arsenic,” Liminality 13, Autumn 2017,

poem, “The Goddess of the Sea-facing World,” Kaleidotrope, Autumn 2017,


PS Cottier

poem, “Lycium Barbarum”, Umbel & Panicle Issue 5, October 2017,


Joyce Chng

poem, “Qi Xi”, Uncanny Magazine, July 4 2017,

poem, “Skyscarves/Aurora,” Glittership, Spring 2017,



poem, “Autumn’s Art”, Bewildering Stories Magazine, online, Oct. 30, 2017,

poem, “Mr. Cat”, Bewildering Stories, May 1, 2017,


Angela Yuriko Smith

book, Escape Claws, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 15, 2017,

book, Escape Claws (Spanish translation), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, June 7, 2017,


Robin Wyatt Dunn

poem, audiobook of Remarriages, October 24, 2017,

poem, “now I don’t remember what happened”, Duane’s Poetree blog, October 20, 2017,

poem, “Who stalls the light”, In Between Hangovers, October 20, 2017,

poem, “something of a stupendous energy”, 1947 Journal, October 18, 2017,

poem, “who frames the right”, 1947 Journal, October 10, 2017,

poem, “burn”, 1947 Journal, October 4, 2017,


Herb Kauderer

long poem, non-genre, “North Polar Ice”, Water: a Poets Speak Anthology,

poem, “Watches”, Bewildering Stories’ Third Quarterly Review, 2017

prose poem, “Retro Travel Styles”, Speculative 66 #13,

16 poems, “Acquired Wisdom”, “Romance Denied”, “Ninja Assassin”, “Evil Clown”, “Mummy”, “Prophet”, “Fly-Man”, “An Angry Giant”, “Hellhound”, “Roc”, “Troll”, “Zombie”, “Leprechuan”, “Cyclops”, “Banshee”, “Changeling”, Stinkwaves Fall 2017,

poem, non-genre, “boudoir accessory”, Micropoetry Oct 11 2017,

mini-chapbook, mostly non-genre, The Detective’s Ghost & Other Little Mysteries, 108 poems & 16 short fictions,

2 poems, “What Neighbors Do” & “Lily, Rose, Birch”, 49th Parallels: Alternative Canadian Histories and Futures, Oct 2017,

poem, non-genre, “20’s numbers game”, Micropoetry Oct 25 2017,

poem, “Appointments”, The Distance Between Insanity and Genius (The Poet’s Haven Digest #4),


Herb Kauderer & Scott E. Green

poem, “War Games”, Bewildering Stories’ Third Quarterly Review, 2017,


Robin Mayhall

4 poems, two untitled haiku, “Cosmic bartender” and “The zodiac on Titan,” Scifaikuest August 2017 print anniversary issue, Alban Lake Publishing,


Peter Roberts

2 poems, “L5” (reprint, excerpt) & “the evening after”, Shoreline of Infinity Issue 9, Autumn 2017,


Ann K. Schwader

poem, “Salisbury Twilight,” HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. IV, Horror Writers Association, Oct. 2017,

haiku, “the second hand’s” Haikuniverse, Oct. 2,


Janice Leach & James Frederick Leach

poetry collection ‘Til Death: Marriage Poems, Raw Dog Screaming Press, January 2017.


David Kopaska-Merkel

3 poems, print, “The Quanta of Time,” “Tequila Planet,” “Sacred Music”, Illumen 29, Autumn 2017,

poem, print, “Hell, It’s Just Food Poisoning,” The Martian Wave 2017,


Mary Soon Lee

​poem, reprint, mainstream, “Trees,” winner of the ​​150th Poetry Nook weekly contest, 10/1/2017,

​poem, ​”The Secret Life of a Toaster,” Polu Texni, 10/2/2017,

poem, “Lotus Moon,” Mythic Delirium #4.2​​, October 2017,

​2 poems, mainstream, “Favorite Place” & “What He Told Me,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, October 2017, &


Lisa Timpf

poem (genre, print), “What Must Be Done”, The Martian Wave 2017,

2 poems (genre, print), “The Defendants’ Plea in the Altair 5 Affair”, and “She Doesn’t Understand”, Illumen 29, Autumn, 2017,


Robert Frazier

poem, “Your Clone Authors a Sticky Note”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, Nov./Dec. 2017,


Vince Gotera

Poem, non-genre, “Riddle: 14 Donalds,” (Letter to America Series), A Journal of the Built + Natural Environments, October 2017,

3 poems, genre, “Sestina: Dragon,” “Looking Back to the Stars,” and “Dear Mr. Frost … or may I call you Jack?”  Altered Reality Magazine, October 2017,

Illustration, genre, cover art, Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 107, September 2017,


John C. Mannone

poems and fiction in application packet, award recipient of 2017 Horror Writers Association Scholarship, October 10, 2017,

2 poems, “First Battles” and “November 1862” within the essay “Evolution and Description of an Historical Novella with Dark Elements: Fragments” (Horror Writers Association Newsletter, Blood & Spades, ed. Marge Simon), October 31, 2017, (Members Only section)

poem, “Operation RAGE,” The Poet’s Haven Digest: The Distance Between Insanity and Genius (ed. Vertigo Xi’an Xavier, The Poet’s Haven Digest #4, October 2017) ISBN 978-1-64092-004-0,

poem, “Tabernacle Among Stars,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, October 20, 2017,

non-speculative poem, “Games People Play,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, Oct 11, 2017,

2 poems, “a day with you” and “The Church on the Hill” Halcyon Days, Issue 7, October 2017,


Wendy Van Camp

4 poems, “Prosthetic”, “Interface”, Neural Dust” and “Mind Jack”, Far Horizons Magazine, Halloween Issue 2017,


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