SFPA at MileHiCon


Recently we were delighted to see that Stace Johnson, one of our long-standing members and volunteers was part of a poetry panel at MileHiCon in Denver, Colorado. We are extraordinarily excited to see that space is indeed being made for poets in this space, and we encourage SFPA members and other poets in the region to consider attending next year if there is a poetry event there.

In 2018, MileHiCon will mark their 50th anniversary, and it will be held on October 19-21st. This will fall very close to our 40th Anniversary celebrations in November. Our organization hamster wheel spins. Historically, there have been as many as 12 SFPA members in Colorado.


Stace Johnson reports “Unfortunately, despite my pleas to the gathered audience, no one sent me any pictures of the panel. But it went very well. The panelists were Tim Anderson, Rob S. Rice and me, and we started off reading poems we had written for the event using the prompt “In a hundred years”, then we read some general poetry that each of us had written, then played kind of an improv poetry game where we were given starting lines and had to come up with short poems on the spot.”

Johnson went on to note that the audience members were “very willing participants for all phases, and they contributed at least as much poetry as we did! In the end, the event was a grand success, and I wish I had pictures to show you of the beautiful room we were in. (And of Rob S. Rice’s very fine hat.)”

“MileHiCon and poetry are old friends. I’ve been attending as a panelist since about 2000, and there has been a poetry panel of some sort nearly every year,” Johnson said. Over 100 artists, writers, and other professionals are reported to attend each year.

Be sure to visit Stace Johnson online at lytspeed.com.  Stace Johnson is a Colorado writer, musician, and IT guy who has published more than 30 nonfiction articles for computer magazines and a number of poems, most recently in cream city review. He received an honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest for his short story “Half-Lives of Quiet Desperation” and won an Apex Magazine poetry contest in 2013. He also served as the curator for the 2016 SFPA Halloween Members Showcase.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association always welcomes news about poetry panels, exhibits, and performances at SFF conventions around the world, whether they are formal SFPA events or independently organized. Send news about them to us at SFPAPres@Gmail.com. We especially love to see your photos! Photo credit below goes to Boom Baumgartner!




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