Write Now! #16

Fill in the end of each sentence at least three times, using different words. Then use one of each sentence somewhere in the same poem.

A door is not a/an _________________________.

A human is not a/an ______________________.

A fence is not a/an ________________________.

A planet is not a/an _______________________.

A marble is not a/an ______________________.

A minefield is not a/an ___________________.

Share your process or the outcome in the comments if you wish.


3 thoughts on “Write Now! #16

  1. The Ties That Bind

    A door is not the slam it makes,
    A human not the sob.
    A fence is not a creaking gate,
    A planet not a mob

    Of unrelated characters
    Untouched, detached, alone.
    A marble’s not a shard of glass
    To slice you skin and bone.

    Instead, it’s all a field of mines,
    A net that tangles legs
    And trips us each one equally
    From oligarchs to dregs.

    Expanding swirling filaments
    From which we’ll never roam.
    Discomfort’s what we’ll always share:
    A minefield’s not a home.

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