Member News- December, 2017

Our members shared some excellent news this past December with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association! Michael H. Payne has our thanks for his excellence in gathering together the news from our global membership. Congratulations to all and we look forward to more news from each of you soon as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the SFPA throughout 2018!

Denise Dumars
3 haiku, one genre and one haibun, supernatural, Eclipse Moon: the Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology, 2017,


Michael H. Payne
poem, “Coyote Yodel,” Silver Blade 36, Fall 2017,


LH Moore
poem, “Vox,” Apex Magazine, April 2017,


Sara Backer
speculative poem, “I Think They Are Crows,” The Pedestal Magazine #81, winter 2017:


Deborah Davitt
2 spec poems, “Chiasmus” & “Evolution,” SCIFAIKUEST, November 2017,

spec poem, “Caveat Emptor,” Silver Blade 36, Fall 2017,

non-spec poem, “Word Salad,” Riddled with Arrows #1.4, Winter 2017,

spec poem, “Diwia,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter 2017,

spec poem, “Snowflake” (haiga), Akitsu Quarterly, Winter 2017,


David Kopaska-Merkel
2 poems, print, “The Worm” & “Hell, It’s Just Food Poisoning,” The Martian Wave, 2017,


Ken Poyner
poem, “Protecting the Simple Robot”, genre, Postcards Poem and Prose, December 2017,


Shannon Connor Winward
poem (non-genre), “Pink”, Literary Mama, December 2017,

editor, Riddled with Arrows Literary Journal , “Feasts & Families”, Winter Solstice Issue, December 2017,


Lesley Wheeler
poetry chapbook, Propagation, Dancing Girl Press, December 2017,


Shira Lipkin
editor, Liminality,


poem, “Autumn’s Art,” Bewildering Stories, 4th quarter review 2017,


Jane Yolen
2 poems, “Harvest Mouse” & “The Second-to-Leaf,” Fife Herald News Nov 2017, Collessie Column, Fife, Scotland,

poem, “Handmaid’s Other Tale,” Welcome to Dystopia, OR Books,

poem, “Even Death,” The Poeming Pigeon Love Poems issue, The Poetry Box,

4 poems, “Bedazzled by Your Death,” “What We Leave Behind,” “How to Leave A Party” & “Window, Wall,” House of Three, Volume 2.1,

2 poems, “Conjoined” & “Run, Rabbit, Run,” Mad Hatters and March Hares, Tor Books,


Christina Sng
interview, Poetic Nightmares,

poem, “The Forest of Discarded Baby Girls”, New Myths,

2 scifaiku, “final cut” and “dust carpet”, Scifaikuest #58,


Jenny Blackford
poem, “The Crack”, winner of the New England Writers Centre Thunderbolt Prize for Crime Poetry, November 2017,


Stephanie M. Wytovich
poetry collection, Sheet Music to My Acoustic Nightmare, Raw Dog Screaming Press, December 2017,


Patricia Gomes
poem, “Hyperacusis: Usher-ring in Christmas,” Oddball Magazine, December 2017,


David Cowen
2 poems,“The Homeless Deaths” and “American Anthem,” Degenerates: Voices for Peace, Homelessness Edition, Weasel Press (November 2017),


Michael Janairo
poem/video, “Instructions for Astronauts,” Mithila Review, Spring 2017,  

poem, “Firefly,” L’Éphémère Review, October 2017,


Michael McCormick
2 poems, “Demonic Text” and “Mother Superior”, Moccasin, Winter 2017,


Mary Soon Lee
poem, print+Kindle,  “​Dear Creator,”F&SF, Jan/Feb 201​8​,​

​poem, mainstream, “Kate,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, December 2017,

2 poems, print, one poem mainstream, “Stormalong Bay” + “Eligible,” Ship of Fools #77,

poem, “Dark Harvest,” Mirror Dance, Winter 2017,


Peter Payack
prose poem,  “Directions,” ENCYCLOPAEDIA, All Human Knowledge In A Single Volume, Black Scat Books, December 2017, La Scat Noir #230,


Allan Rozinski
poem, “Ill Met by Moonlight,” The Literary Hatchet, Pear Tree Press, September 2017,

poem, “Doll,” HWA Poetry Showcase, volume IV, Horror Writers Association, October 2017,

poem, “The Harvest Man,” Bete Noire,” Dark Opus Press, November 2017,

poem, “In the Labyrinth,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2017,


Herb Kauderer
3 dimminuendos, “a recollection of dust devils”, “fruit of imperfection”, and “recognition error”, Altered Reality Magazine, December 28, 2017,


Darla Klein
poem, “A Warlock Slips Into My Dreams,”  Weirdbook Annual #1 – Witches, Wildside Press, October 2017,


Lisa Timpf
poem (non-genre, print), “To Let You Go Gently”, Dog Blessings, October 2017, Andrews McMeel,

poem (genre), “One Man’s Trash”, New Myths, Decembe, 2017,


M.C. Childs
poem, genre, “Immersed,” Liminality, Winter 2017.


John Reinhart
poem, “acceptance,” Riddled With Arrows, Issue 1.4,

2 poems, “Elohai Ntzor” & “Ahavat Olam,” A Poet’s Siddur, Ain’t Got no Press,

poem, “Homecoming,” Songs of Eretz, 12/13/17,

poem, “superheroes,” Grievous Angel, 12/10/17,

poem, “remember me,” Better Than Starbucks, Vol III #1,

3 poems, “Jesus!” “Book of Merock,” “Fatherhood,” print only, Holy Shit Journal, Autumn 2017,


Cassandra Rose Clarke
poem, “Sestina for Marzanna,” Liminality Magazine, Winter 2017-2018,

workshop, “Strange People: Creating Alien and Fantastic Characters,” Clarion West, January 14th, 10 AM – 4 PM, Seattle, WA,


Adele Gardner
poem (nongenre/print), “The Open Door,” The Cape Rock, Vol. 45, No. 2, Fall 2017,


Cameron N. Coulter
poem, “The Anthem of Stardust,” Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice 2017,


Peg Duthie
aperture poem, day 2, Sidekick Advent Calendar 2017,

poem, “Frames,” Vary the Line, December 2017,


Vince Gotera
poem, genre, online, “Snowman,” Grievous Angel, 22 December 2017,


F.J. Bergmann
chapbook, A Catalogue of the Further Suns, Gold Line Press, June 2016

poem, print, “Kindred Spirit,” Dreams and Nightmares 106,

2 poems, print, “Teratology” and “What It Means when You Dream of Swords,” Spectral Realms 7,

poem, print, “Development,” Reckoning 2,

poem, “Toward Zero,” Polu Texni 4/13/17,

poem, “Sleeping through the End Days,” Silver Blade 33,

poem, “Gratuity,” Riddled with Arrows 1.2,

poem, “Absence,” Riddled with Arrows 1.3,

poem, “Ceasefire,” Speculative 66 14,

poem, “The Sending,” Priestess & Hierophant 3: A Beckoning,

poem, “ISO,” Silver Blade 36,

poem, “Gramarye,” Polu Texni 12/26/17,

poem, “Invisible Stars,” Mirror Dance, December,

poem, “Guardian Demon,” One Sentence Poems 10/13/17,

poem, “Here’s to Smoke in Your Eye,” Ekphrastic Review 4/3/17,

poem, “Personal Assistance,” Ekphrastic Review 4/28/17,

poem, “Sequestration,” Wild Musette 12/25/17,

non-spec poem, “Green Flash,” Songs of Eretz,

non-spec poem, “It Began with a Conversation,” One Sentence Poems,

non-spec poem, print, “Let Me Work,” Wisconsin Poets Calendar,

2 non-spec poems, print, “Finite Love” and “Travelogue,” Two Countries anthology (Red Hen Press),

2017 Pushcart nominations: “Sleeping through the End Days,” Silver Blade; “The Sending,” Priestess & Hierophant; “Point of Departure,” Eye to the Telescope; aaand … in the process of searching for a nonexistent 2017 publication in unFold, which apparently went belly-up subsequent to the acceptance, I discovered that they had nominated me for a Pushcart Prize in 2013, but never notified me:



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