This past March was productive and successful for many of our members from across the globe including some excellent publications and readings. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association thanks Michael H. Payne for gathering together your wonderful updates. Congratulations, and we look forward to more news from each of you soon as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the SFPA!

Deborah Davitt
poem, literary, “Surrender,” Poetry Quarterly, Winter 2017 (March 3, 2018),

2 poems, literary/spec, “They never left,” and “Past is Present,”  Modern Poetry Quarterly Review, Winter 2018 (March 7, 2018),

poem, spec, “Once Carved in Marble,”, issue 42 (March 15 2018),

poem, spec, “Masks,” Polu Texni: A Magazine of Many Arts, March 26, 2018.

Greer Woodward
haiku, “Stephen Hawking,” Haikuniverse, March 24, 2018,


Christina M. Rau
2 columns, “4 Books For Readers Who Like Being Confused,” Book Riot, March 17, 2018: & “5 Quotes From Mary Oliver Poems That Could Save Humanity,” Book Riot, March 26, 2018:


Ken Poyner
poem, “On The Job Counseling”, non-genre, Mobius #29.1,

poem, “Robot Motivation”, genre, Silver Blade #37,

poem, “Institutionalized Temptation”, non-genre, The Disappointed Housewife, March 2018,


Shannon Connor Winward
poem, “Lying Down with Ghosts”, Minola Review, March 2018,

poem, “Innocence Elixir”, Rivet, March 2018,


G. O. Clark
poem, “Slippage.” Dreams & Nightmares Magazine #108, January 2018,


Jacqueline West
poetry collection, Candle and Pins: Poems on Superstitions, Alban Lake Publishing,


Geoffrey A. Landis
SFPA had a significant representation at ICFA, the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, March 15-18 in Orlando, FL.  Poets reading included Michael Arnzen, Don Riggs, Sandra Lindow, Gina Wisker, Marilyn Jurich, Bernadette Bosky, Marge Simon, and Mary Turzillo; Bryan Dietrich was on the program but unable to attend, and as a substitute Geoffrey Landis read his poems.  Several other SF poets, including Mari Ness and Theodora Goss, participated in other (non-poetry) readings and as moderators.


Linda D. Addison
poem, “The Black Speculative Art Manifesto (Spell),” Cosmic Underground, Cedar Grove Publishing, March 2018,

reading at Juneteenth Poetry Festival, April 7 at the Dunbar African American Culture Center, 325 W 2nd St. Tucson, AZ 85705,


Christina Sng
Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection, “A Collection of Nightmares”, Raw Dog Screaming Press, July 2017,

3 poems, “The Girl and Her Wolf Dog”, “When We Fall”, and “Memoirs in the Dark”, Spectral Realms No. 8, March 2018,

2 scifaiku, “Rumble” and “Titan Landing”, and 2 horrorku, “Between” and “Thin Winter Air”, February 2018, Scifaikuest 59 and Scifaikuest Online, and


David C. Kopaska-Merkel
poem, “Bring Me Moa,” Altered Reality Magazine,

David C. Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans
chapbook, Entanglement, Diminuendo Press,


PS Cottier
poem, “Mining Time”, Not Very Quiet, Issue 2, March 2018


Peter Roberts
poem, “concentric delusions,” Illumen, Spring 2018 (vol. XIV, no. 3),


Robin Wyatt Dunn
chapbook, I’m Leaving America, Analog Submission Press, March 21, 2018,

chapbook, Deliver us into the Dark, Writing Knights Press, January 12, 2018,

collection, Debudaderrah, January 15, 2018,

8 poems, “no gravesend mine”, “who heard the board”, “I’ve been counting”, “who heard me”, “Facebook prison”, “take heed and hell over the lake”, “400 Manhattan Place”, “the light defends the right”, 1947 Journal,,,,,,,, and

poem, “sit down and shut up”, Steemit, March 18, 2018,

2 poems, “we’re dying and I begin” and “Attach the electricity”, Between Hangovers, and

poem, “the black bread of life is silent and watchful”, Duane’s Poetree, February 14, 2018,

poem, “what black deep you made”, Fowl Feathered Review #25, January 3, 2018,


Akua Lezli Hope
poem “Thank You”, New Verse News, March 1,

book, Them Gone, The Word Works,

reading/performance, March 25, 2018, 171 Cedar Arts Center, Corning, NY,


Cassandra Rose Clarke
3 poems, “The Collaborator,” “Chthonia,” and “A Chronology of the Devouring Queen,” Illumen, Alban Lake, Spring 2018,


R. Mac Jones
poem, “Come Marvel at Barnum’s Diminutive Prince,” NonBinary Review, Issue 16, March 2018 (The Little Prince issue)


Laura Madeline Wiseman and Andrea Blythe
chapbook, Every Girl Becomes the Wolf, Finishing Line Press, 2018,


John Reinhart
book, “dig it,” Arson Press,

2 poems, “home” & “he thought death,” Quatrain.Fish, &


Mary Soon Lee
​poem, “Diaspora,” F&SF, March/April 2018​,

poem, “Venus, As It Might Have Been,” Analog, March/April 2018,

2 poem, “Reasons for Reading” & “Harold’s Samaritan,” mainstream, Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, &


Herb Kauderer
poem “The Crocdilians” Dreams & Nightmares #108,

non-genre poem, “Lacking a Microscope”, Walls (a Poet’s Speak anthology), Beatlick Press and Jules’ Poetry Playhouse Publications,

non-genre poem, “Carpe Gutter”, Ground & Sky Quarterly,

5 poems, “stranded observatory”, “new realities”, “career change”, “Last Gleaming”, “failed diplomacy”, Altered Reality,

prose poem “Lost Weekend”, Speculative 66 #17,

poem, “Sugar Daddy Ultimatum”, Disturbed Digest,


Ann K. Schwader
haiku (mainstream), “Chaco Canyon,” frogpond Vol. 41:1, March 2018,


Ann K. Schwader and David C. Kopaska-Merkel
poem, “It Took Some Time,” Devilfish Review Issue 20, March 2018,


Lisa Timpf
poem, genre, print, “The Tell-Tale Knight”, Frostfire Worlds, February 2018,

2 poems, genre, print, “android tracker” and “visiting on Lepidon”, Scifaikuest, February 2018 print edition,

poem non-genre, print, “In Any Language”, THEMA: Is There a Word for That? vol. 30, no. 1, spring 2018,


Robert Frazier
poem, “Your Clone Defies Aging”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, March/April. 2018,


Deborah P Kolodji
2 one-liner haiku, “lost in step-relatives…”, “foreign key constraint…”, Sonic Boom #11, March 2018,

haiku, “heart monitors,” The Heron’s Nest, Vol XX No 1, March 2018,

haiku, “dandelions opening,” Haiku Windows, The Haiku Foundation, 3/14/2018,

2 haiku, “daybreak,” “I hear you,” World Haiku Review, March 2018,

haiku, “consulting…”, Haiku Windows, The Haiku Foundation, 2/28/2018,

haiku, “plywood,” Haiku Windows, The Haiku Foundation, 2/14/2018,

poem, “Meals of Camelot,” Scryptic, Best of 2017-2018,,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

haiku, “wedding day,” Stardust Haiku, February 2018,

haiku, “late afternoon,” Golden Triangle Haiku Contest, (haiku published on yard sign in streets of Washington, D.C.),

4 haiku, California Quarterly, Volume 44, Number 1, Spring 2018,

haiku, “California winter,” bottle rockets, #38, February 2018,


Peter J.  King
poem (non-genre, print journal) “Cotswold Scenes”, The Curlew vol.  II issue II (Acer), March 2018,

3 poems (non-genre; print journal) “Larkin from the Festival Platforms”, “Carrion Comfort”, “Rictus”, A Restricted View from Under the Hedge issue 1, March 2018,


Colleen Anderson
poem, “Washday Blues,” Polar Borealis #6, April 2018,

interview of poet Sarah Tolmie, March 2018,


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