Eye To The Telescope: Infection online now!

We’re halfway through the year and it’s a reminder to everyone to check out the latest issue of Eye to the Telescope: Infection! edited by Sara Tantlinger!  As always, you can read the speculative poems selected for this issue at http://eyetothetelescope.com

You can also read our recent issues on Sports and Games thanks to Lisa Timpf, and Heather Moser’s issue looking at Crossroads! Brittany Hause is taking submissions until September 15th for Tricksters, and SFPA Grand Master David C. Kopaska-Merkel will be looking for poems engaging Hard Science Fiction Tropes.

Our thanks from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association to everyone who makes each issue such a compelling read every quarter!

If you’re interested in editing an issue in 2020, let us know by sending an email to SFPAPres@Gmail.com.


One thought on “Eye To The Telescope: Infection online now!

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