A Conversation With John Philip Johnson

John Philip Johnson has a mission to return poetry to the masses. He took time from his regular schedule of sharing that passion with his fellow citizens to spill his secrets on crafting award winning speculative poetry.

The following videos represent some special morsels from this interview.


It’s not always the genius of another poet that inspires us to pick up the pen, sometimes it’s the failures. Discover the fantastic flub that gave us JPJ. (We may even want to dig the poet up and shake his skeletal hand.)

Learning not to be a genius…


When new and strange poems are under your fingertips and many decisions are to be made about its future, what singular thing matters most? JPJ weighs in…

Digging deep into what makes a poem successful…

JPJ on what makes a speculative poem do more than wave its tentacles at the reader. (Although we do so love tentacles.)

How speculative poets can raise their game…


In the last hundred years, poetry has moved to the realm of academia and out of the hearts of the masses. JPJ shares his view on how that has happened and what can be done to fix it.

Kicking down the door on behalf of speculative poets everywhere…

Thank you for watching! We hope you share.

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