Call for Cat People!

The theme for ETTT No. 38  will be”Cat People” edited by John Phillip Johnson! This is a paying market, but the deadline to submit is coming up on September 15th!

 “Were-people. Shapeshifters. Changelings. This is one of the oldest subjects for our genre, and one of the most persistent. The idea that we could turn into something else goes way back in our psychic history. Ovid took up the tradition in his Metamorphoses, two thousand years ago. Today we have thoughts of a possible post-human tomorrow.

In this issue of Eye to the Telescope, I invite you to write about one specific kind of transformation. Of becoming a Cat. Why a Cat? Val Lewton and Simone Simon aside, I think it’s a beautiful theme to narrow down to. We have lots of cat lovers in the SFPA. I myself have five. But mostly, if we’re all writing with this one, single focus, I think it can highlight the differences in our poetic styles…”

You will find full guidelines here.

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