THE SPECk Podcast

Your hands free, screen break about speculative poetry is coming soon.

If you’ve been subscribed to THE SPECk for the last couple of months, you’ll know that every month there is new video content featuring interviews with award-winning speculative poets, editors, and publishers. Each short video focuses on some aspect of the craft, highlights a part of the writer’s journey, and deconstructs their work. 

With THE SPECk podcast, you will get to go deeper into those conversations in ways that video and written features can’t. Rather than focus on a single guest, each podcast will focus on a theme and you’ll hear poets and editors dig into unique things they may not have otherwise shared. It will also feature a poem, a prompt, and the promotion of a work of speculative poetry or a publisher. This means opportunities to submit poems for inclusion!

Melanie here: For the first episode, I’m looking for a few speculative poems to fit the theme “Unexpected Journey.” Previously published poems are okay. Token payment. Email: thespeckpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com.

Even better, podcasts can be listened to while doing laundry, changing the oil, or making hyperspace jumps from plural zones. 

How you can help put the spotlight on speculative poetry:

Keep your eye on THE SPECk. In the next month, we’ll be sending out a link where you can subscribe to THE SPECk podcast in all of its poetic geeky goodness. Hit subscribe on whatever platform you prefer to listen to your podcasts and share with a friend. If you have any books or people you’d like to see interviewed, send your suggestions by replying to this email. 

See you ‘round the ‘verse.

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