What Counts As Speculative?

An easy-peasy infographic built to inspire arguments for the ages.

Melanie Stormm is the sacred oracle who predicted the 15th coming of the Oort Cloud Messiah (who’s RSVP’d and is not coming at all.) She is a brick house who doesn’t answer texts. Her science-fantasy novella “Last Poet of Wyrld’s End” comes out in September 2020 from Candlemark & Gleam.

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5 thoughts on “What Counts As Speculative?

  1. And this would fuel an argument/discussion that would rage in the bar during Bristolcon for most of the evening – with various interruptions for other stuff, as well… I personally feel it’s rather over complicated and that some of the sub-genres could happily be subsumed under the title of Fantasy – Magic Realism, for example. Great stuff – and thank you so much for sharing:))


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