SFPA November 2020 Round-Up

Every month, SFPA members write lots of poetry, do readings, participate in interviews, all kinds of stuff. And every month, I ask them to let me know about it. I put the information onto a Big List, and around about the 5th or 6th of the next month, I share that list with all and sundry.

So here’s what I know about what various members of SFPA got up to during November.


Gregory Stewart and David C. Kopaska-Merkel

2 poems, “The Sisterhood of the Iron Wing,” Eldritch Science, Nov. 2018, and “Love Potion #9,” Eldritch Science, Apr. 2019, N3F, http://n3f.org/zines/eldritchscience/

Roni Stinger

poem, “Witch’s Garden”, Hypnos Magazine Volume 9 Issue 2, Radium Town Press, Fall 2020, http://radiumtownpress.com/excerpts.html

Roger Dutcher

poem, genre, “Abduction”, Not One of Us #64a, Oct 2020, https://not-one-of-us.pub

poem, non-genre, “Lost Sun”, Wisconsin Poets Calendar 2021, https://www.wfop.org/poets-calendar


poem, “Quantum Fantasy” Bewildering Stories #880, Nov 16, 2020, http://bewilderingstories.com/issue880/index.html

Deborah L. Davitt

poem, spec, “Desert Ghosts,” TERSE, November 11, 2020. https://tersejournal.com/2020/11/11/desert-ghosts-by-deborah-l-davitt/

poem, spec, “Signs of Life,” American Diversity Report, November 13, 2020. https://adrpoetry.com/fall2020/november/signs-of-life-by-deborah-l-davitt/

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

poem, “epilog,” Awen 110, Nov. 2020, https://atlanteanpublishing.wordpress.com

Michael H. Payne

30 poems, #225 – 254, Plague Year Poems: A Poem a Day for the Duration, November 1 – 30, 2020, http://pandora.xepher.net/images/plague.html

RK Rugg

poem, “Tapestry,”  Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, Vol. 2 Issue 02, October/November 2020, https://www.utopiasciencefiction.com/shop

graphic poem, “Northern Rockies,” Snakeskin Poetry Webzine, #278, November 2020, http://www.snakeskinpoetry.co.uk/278rockies.html

Ken Poyner

2 poems, “Fruition” & “Knowledge”, Red Fez #141, non-genre, web, 11/14/2020, http://www.redfez.net

2 poems, “Gassing Urban Populations” & “Spoils”, Misery Tourism, non-genre, web, 11/20/2020 & 11/26/2020, http://www.miserytourism.com

Robert Borski

poem, “GMO,” Polu Texni, 22 Nov 2020, http://www.polutexni.com/?p=10737

John W Sexton and Rich Magahiz

poem, “saltpetre the cat,” Bones Journal 21, http://bonesjournal.com/no21/bones21.pdf

Cynthia Cozette Lee

poetry book, The Forgotten Schoolhouse: Original Poems and Stories on Faith, Love, Nature and Wonder, Covenant Books, May 2020, http://covenantbooks.com/books/?book=the-forgotten-schoolhouse

article with 3 poems, “Behind The Pages with Dr. Cynthia Cozette Lee,” Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts Online Alumni News, July 2020, https://community.cmu.edu/s/news/a4A2S000000HxFmUAK/behind-the-pages-with-dr-cynthia-cozette-lee-cfa-1975

Colleen Anderson

poem, “Pumpkin’s Watch,” Sage Cigarettes #5, Oct. 2020, https://www.sagecigarettes.com/Issues

poem, “Phoenix,” Yellow Arrow Journal–Re(Formation), Nov. 2020, https://www.yellowarrowpublishing.com/store/yellow-arrow-journal-reformation-paperback

poem, “The Metallurgist’s Dream,” HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VII, Nov 2020 https://www.amazon.com/HWA-Poetry-Showcase-Stephanie-Wytovich/dp/1732803560

Herb Kauderer

panelist, Vogon Poetry with Christina Sng, Mary Turzillo, Geoff Landis, and Maddy Dietz & Poetry Roundtable with Geoff Landis, Mary Soon Lee, Maddy Dietz, Michael Arnzen, and Mary Turzillo, C’Monfluence virtual SF con, Oct 3 & 4, 2020, https://confluence-sff.org/cmonfluence-2020/

3 poems, “undocumented aliens”, “home again”, and “colonist’s final rest”, Scifaikuest online, Nov 2020, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/scifaikuest-online-november-2020

3 poems, “power lost”, “seasonal greeting”, and “Clearing the Battlefield”, Scifaikuest print, Nov 2020, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/scifaikuest-november-2020-edited-by-t-santitoro

poem, “once hungry for knowledge”, Dreams & Nightmares #116, Oct 2020, http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/2020/08/083020.html

interview, Altered Reality Magazine #26, Nov-Dec 2020, https://www.alteredrealitymag.com/interview-with-herb-kauderer/

poem, “A Question of Focus”, Mobius: The Journal of Social Change 31:4 Winter 2020, https://mobiusmagazine.com/poetry/question.html

Juleigh Howard-Hobson

poem, genre, “Refulgent” Coastal Shelf Literary Double Issue 1 & 2,  November 20 2020 https://coastalshelf.com/issue-12-refulgent-by-juleigh-howard-hobson/

poem, genre “The Piece Makers” Hypnos Magazine Vol 9 Issue 2, Fall 2020, http://radiumtownpress.com/uploads/3/4/8/1/34810250/hypnos_-_fall_2020.pdf

poem, genre, “A Charm to Sicken”, Midnight Echo #15 (The Australasian HWA) Nov 30 2020, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MWD9F1J

interview, Australasian Horror Writers Association, Nov. 20, 2020, https://www.leemurray.info/post/midnight-echo-15-showcase-juleigh-howard-hobson

poem, non-genre, “Not My Kid”, 34 Orchard Issue 2, Nov. 10, 2020, https://34orchard.com/issues/

2 poems, non-genre “Quaaludes and Joy Division” and “Devo Records”, Odd Magazine, Nov 1 2020, https://www.oddmag.co/2020/11/01/editors-note-november-2020/

2 poems, genre, “First Turn” and “Dolly Waits”, Final Cut Zine, Oct 31, 2020 https://finalcutzine.wixsite.com/finalcutzine/issue-i

Akua Lezli Hope

poem, ”Igbo Landing,” Penumbra, Fall 2020, https://www.penumbraonline.org/fall-2020-poetry.html

poem, “unvisible moons,” Scifaikuest print, November 2020, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/scifaikuest-november-2020-edited-by-t-santitoro

poem, “shapeshifters party,” Scifaikuest online, November 2020, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/scifaikuest-online-november-2020

Lori R. Lopez

song, “The Fairyflies – The World Is One Family”, YouTube, November 18, 2020, https://youtu.be/fo9rJh5RSyY

song, “The Fairyflies – Love Conquers All”, YouTube, November 24, 2020, https://youtu.be/eeQRsAV6s6s

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