Thank You, 2021 SFPA Volunteers!

2021 has had its challenges the world over, with economies, supply chains and p eople’s livelihoods still being affected. But throughout this year we have seen an amazing number of poetry related events.

Numerous poets continue to publish poems and books, run magazines and volunteer to keep our 400+ membership strong. SFPA has continued to support the world of speculative poetry with contests, awards, magazines and other works.

Like most organizations, we cannot survive without volunteers, and on behalf of the executive committee we want to thank everyone who has put in effort to keep SFPA running.

Star*Line: F.J. Bergmann, Jean-Paul Garnier

Star*Line graphics/layout, DS Mailing, website: F.J. Bergmann

Star*line proofreading: Lisa Timpf

Social Media (moderating): Deborah Davitt, Diane Severson Mori

Social Media (posting): Lynne Sargent, Tawana K. Watson, Diane Severson Mori

Contest (chair): Josh Brown
Contest (judge): Sheree Renée Thomas

Dwarf Stars: Charles Christian. Future archive at:

Elgin & Mailchimp Missives: Jordan Hirsch

ETTT.1 Alicia Cole

ETTT.2 Gary Every

ETTT.3 Tiffany Morris

ETTT.4 Akua Lezli Hope

Halloween Reading: Angela Yuriko Smith. Future archive at:

Rhysling Awards: Alessandro Manzetti

Rhysling Mailing: Brian Garrison

Monthly Roundup: Michael Payne

Membership Chair: Diane Severson Mori

Distribution & Mail: Andrew Gilstrap

Snail Mail Announcements: Timothy Flynn

The SPECk: Lauren Frausto, Melanie Stormm, Diane Severson Mori

SpecPo Reviews: Sandra J. Lindow, Herb Kauderer

Con Coordinator: Wendy van Camp

A special thanks goes to all of our contributing Specpo writers and artists who’ve all helped to grow this space for readers new to speculative poetry and the many different conversations and opportunities being held in recent years.

As you can see, we are a thriving organization because of our volunteers. We hope that you will consider volunteering in the new year. As we grow, some of these positions will get too much for one person, and assisting can be the way to ease into a role the following year. Thank you from our poetic hearts to everyone who has contributed to the SFPA.

Happy New Year from your Executive,Bryan Thao Worra, Brian Garrison, Rich Magahiz, Colleen Anderson

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