2022 Rhysling Long Poem Reading Series Part 2

Our reading series continues with 5 more performances from poets around the world whose pieces have been nominated for the 2022 Rhysling Award. Listen to them here, where we post a collection of readings once a week, or on YouTube, where new recordings are uploaded daily. Be sure to subscribe to this blog or to the SFPA YouTube channel for updates.

So, without further ado – enjoy the poems!

Andrew Geoffrey Kwabena Moss reads “Nyankopoxyican Breath of Fresh Air,” which first appeared in Nombono.

John Philip Johnson reads “Space Traveler,” which first appeared in Altered Reality Magazine.

Geneve Flynn reads “When the Girls Begin to Fall,” which first appeared in Tortured Willows: Bent, Bowed, Unbroken.

Brittany Hause reads “Nine Lives,” which first appeared in the Autumn 2021 issue of Kaleidotrope.

Kate Meyer-Curry reads “The Wild Bunch,” which first appeared in Liquid Imagination #49.

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