SFPA October 2022 Round-Up

Another month:

Another bunch of poems and such from folks in the group!


David C. Kopaska-Merkel

poem, “Inheritance,” Forbidden Knowledge, Cyaegha Special Publication 10, 2022, https://batglynn.webs.com/cyaegha.htm

poem, “the vampire,” Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, 31 October 2022, https://scarletdragonflyjournal.wordpress.com/category/special-issues/2022-halloween/page/10/

poem, “so cute,” haikuniverse, 31-Oct. ’22, https://haikuniverse.com/halloween-haiku-19-of-25-by-david-c-kopaska-merkel/

Ronald A. Busse

2 poems, “Nature’s Fatal Overture” and “The Day the Music Died,” FreeXpresSion magazine, October 2022, Volume XXIX-Issue No. 10, C:\Users\FREEXP~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msoB6CD.tmp (fliphtml5.com)

Rebecca Demarest

poem, “Necroplanetology,” 1st Place for Poetry at Write on the Sound Conference, October 2022, https://www.writeonthesound.com/writing-contest/

Colleen Anderson

poem, “Our Lady of Holy Death,” HWA Poetry Showcase IX, Oct. 2022, https://www.amazon.com/Poetry-Showcase-Angela-Yuriko-Smith/dp/B0BJNDCGT3/

Michael H. Payne

poem, “Zombie Pirate Ghost,” Silver Blade #54, Fall 2022, https://www.silverblade.net/2022/10/zombie-pirate-ghost/

3 poems, #1694, #1696 & #1697, Terebinth, October 10 & 24, 2022, http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20221010.html, http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20221024.html & http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20221031.html

Elizabeth R. McClellan

poem, speculative, “Huldra in the Big Apple,” Silver Blade, Issue 54, October 2022, https://www.silverblade.net/2022/10/huldra-in-the-big-apple/

Robin Wyatt Dunn

poem, “Tucson Beacon”, Dissident Voice, October 23, 2022, https://dissidentvoice.org/2022/10/tucson-beacon/

Lorraine Schein

poem, “The Helix of Fortune,” The Rebis: Wheel of Fortune, Vol. 1 2022, https://www.therebis.com/products/wheel-of-fortune

Victoria Nations

poem, “An Empty Seat,” Magpie Messenger Literary Magazine, Halloween: Circus, Curious Corvid Publishing, October 2022. https://a.co/d/3kv3z6a.

poem, “Cleaning Out Her House, As If She’ll Ever Be Gone,” Mother: Tales of Love and Terror, October 2022, https://bookshop.weirdlittleworlds.com/product/mother-anthology/

poem, “Reasons Why You Can’t Go Out to Play Alone,” HWA Poetry Showcase, Volume IX, October 2022, amzn.to/3Sv2XXO       

J.D. Harlock

poem, ” The Crooked Tree,” Corvid Queen, Sword and Kettle Press, October 2022, https://corvidqueen.com/stories/the-crooked-tree-jd-harlock

Linda D. Addison

poem, “The Construct’s Co-Emergence”, Uncanny Magazine, Issue 48, https://www.uncannymagazine.com/article/the-constructs-co-emergence/

poem, “In the Light and Dark of Blood”, Writing Poetry in the Dark, Raw Dog Screaming Press, October 2022, https://www.amazon.com/Writing-Poetry-Dark-Linda-Addison/dp/1947879499

poem, “Me & My Shadow”, Dark Matter Presents Human Monsters, https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Matter-Presents-Human-Monsters/dp/1958598003

LindaAnn LoSchiavo and David Davies

review by Billy Mills of Messengers of the Macabre: Hallowe’en Poems, Elliptical Movements, October 2022, https://ellipticalmovements.wordpress.com/2022/10/24/recent-reading-october-2022/

excerpt from Messengers of the Macabre: Hallowe’en Poems, Bewildering Stories, Issue 971, October 23, 2022, http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue971/messengers_macabre_ex.html

LindaAnn LoSchiavo

guest post, “The Importance of Writing the Historical Witch Poem”, I Smell Sheep, October 23, 2022, http://www.ismellsheep.com/2022/10/poet-lindaann-loschiavo-importance-of.html

poem, “Golden Shovel: The Night’s Unwilling to Explain”, Editor’s Choice, Panoplyzine, October 14th-20th, 2022, https://panoplyzine.com/2022/10/14/editors-choice-october-14-20-the-nights-unwilling-to-explain-a-golden-shovel-by-lindaann-loschiavo/

prose-poem,”The Skeleton Trees of Washington Square Park,” American Diversity Report, Fall issue, October 18, 2022, https://adrpoetry.com/fall-2022/october-2022/the-skeleton-trees-of-washington-square-by-lindaann-loschiavo/

hybrid in 3-parts, “An Ideal Lost in Night-Mists,” Querencia, Autumn 2022, https://www.amazon.com/Querencia-Autumn-2022-Emily-Perkovich/dp/1959118021

poem,”My Mother’s Ghost Dancing”, Rushing Thru the Dark, Choeofpleirn Press, Autumn 2022, September 26, 2022, https://www.amazon.com/Rushing-Thru-Dark-Autumn-2022/dp/B0BGKN34JR/

4 poems, “A Dark and Airy Spirit on Broadway,” “The Widow’s Missing Necklace,” “The Grim Reaper Arrived Too Early,” “Emily Post’s Etiquette Book for Ghosts,” BFS Horizons, Issue 14, Fall 2022, https://www.britishfantasysociety.org/bfs-horizons/

6 haibun and poems, “Our Lady of Holy Death #1,” “Our Lady of Holy Death #2,” “Samhain,” “A Night on Bald Mountain, All Hallows’ Eve,” “A Sleepy Hollow Hallowe’en,” and “Elizabeth Siddal Rossetti, Cemetery Superstar,” Sirens Call #59, Hallowe’en 2022, http://www.sirenscallpublications.com/pdfs/SirensCallEZine_Halloween2022.pdf

interview with Jasmine Arch about forthcoming collection Dark and Airy Spirits, Into the Looking Glass: Exploring the Magic Behind Speculative Poetry, https://anchor.fm/lookingglasspoets/episodes/6–A-Lifetime-of-Poetry-and-Creativity-with-LindaAnn-LoSchiavo-e1b1v1h

Angela Acosta

2 poems, “Tamales on Mars” & “Gift of the Ancestors”, The Sprawl Mag, vol. 1, no. 1, October 2022. https://www.thesprawlmag.ca/vol-1-1

Frank Coffman

poem, “The Kannibali,” Penumbra #3, Sept. 2022, https://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/penumbra/penumbra-no.-3-2022

poem, “When the Suns Set Over Carcosa”, Forbidden Knowledge, Cyäegha Special Publication #10, 2022, https://batglynn.webs.com/cyaegha.htm

poem, “A Thin Place,” Penumbric vol 6 #3, Oct 2022, https://www.penumbric.com/currentissue/ToC.html

poem, “Crossing Over”, Liquid Imagination #52, Fall 2022, https://liquidimagination.silverpen.org/article/crossing-over-by-frank-coffman/

Ken Poyner

5 poems, non-genre, web, “Expectations”, “Public Access”, “Charity”, “Nature” & “Effort”, Blazevox, Fall 2022, http://wp.blazevox.org/?portfolio=blazevox22-fall-2022

poem, genre, web, “Stolen Encounter”, Scribes Micro-fiction #22, https://www.fairfieldscribes.com/issue-22.html

poem, genre, web, “Ineffective,” Strange Horizons, Oct 17, 2022, http://strangehorizons.com/poetry/ineffective/

Lauren Scharhag

2 poems, “Cherry” & “Ghosts of the Great Plains,” It Takes All Kinds, Issue 8, September 2022, https://archive.org/details/it-takes-all-kinds-issue-8

3 poems, “Sacrum,” “Heart” & “Crown,” Meat for Tea, Vol. 16, Issue 3 (the Dahlia Issue), September 2022, https://meatfortea.com/buy.htm

poem, “Prayer for the Excommunicated,” The Rye Whiskey Review, September 2022, https://ryethewhiskeyreview.blogspot.com/2022/09/prayer-for-excommunicated-by-lauren.html

2 poems, “Hallway” & “The Moon Doesn’t Ask,” Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry), September 26, 2022, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/09/evening-of-september-26-2022.html

poem, “Fourth of July,” Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry), September 29, 2022, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/09/

PS Cottier

poem, “Amorphous solid”, Liquid Imagination #52, October 2022, https://liquidimagination.silverpen.org/article/amorphous-solid-by-ps-cottier/

scifaiku, [‘all shamers plucked’], AntipodeanSF #289, October 2022, https://www.antisf.com

panellist, On Speculative Poetry, Conflux, Canberra, Australia, October 2022, https://conflux.org.au/

Peter Roberts

poem, “how we think of death, & how death is,” Shot Glass Journal #38, September 2022, https://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/peter_roberts1.html

Roger Dutcher

poem, genre, “Ghosting the Moon”, Dreams & Nightmares #122, September 2022, https://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/2022/09/092722d.html

haiku, “her new piercings”, Modern Haiku Vol. 53.3, Autumn 2022, http://www.modernhaiku.org/

Ann K. Schwader

poem, “Chasma Glyphs,” Abyss & Apex, Oct. 2022, https://www.abyssapexzine.com/2022/09/chasma-glyphs/

poem, “Lost Darkness,” HWA Poetry Showcase IX, Oct. 2022,  https://tinyurl.com/mrf5ayr4

poem, “The Dead Learn Nothing,” Penumbra #3, Hippocampus Press, 2022, https://tinyurl.com/mr486e75

Katherine Quevedo

workshop, The Art of Speculative Poetry, Young Willamette Writers, October 1, 2022, https://willamettewriters.org/event/quevedo-speculative-poetry/

poem, non-genre, “Where in the Zoo Is Carmen Sandiego?”, Sidequest, October 10, 2022, https://sidequest.zone/2022/10/10/game-enjambment-where-in-the-zoo-is-carmen-sandiego/

poem, genre, “Backward Compatibility (Quinceañera on a Generation Ship),” Apparition Literary Magazine, Issue 20: Nostalgia, October 14, 2022, https://apparitionlit.com/backward-compatibility-quinceanera-on-a-generation-ship/

poem (reprint), genre, “Dancer Summons,” Pastel Pastoral Magazine, Issue 3: Pastoral Haunting, October 30, 2022, https://pastel-pastoral-magazine.weeblysite.com/issue-3

poem, genre, “Pumpkin Ash and Cypress Knees,” Boudin: It Came from the Swamp, The McNeese Review, October 31, 2022, https://www.mcneese.edu/thereview/2022/10/30/pumpkin-ash-and-cypress-knees/

TS S. Fulk

5 poems, “The Forest Wife,” “Salvage,” “A False Fresh Start,” “The Prisoner,” and “Old Magics,” Lothlorien Poetry Journal, October 2022, https://lothlorienpoetryjournal.blogspot.com/

5 poems, “A Curse Upon the Land,” “Halloween Feast,” “The Sinner’s Prayer,” “A Symphony in Yellow,” and “We Ghouls,” Lovecraftiana, Vol. 7, no. 3,  Rogue Planet Press, October 2022, http://www.schlock.co.uk

Lynne Sargent

poem, “The New Knights,” The Sprawl Magazine, Issue 1.1 https://www.thesprawlmag.ca/vol-1-1

Anna Cates

haibun, “Fear & Ice,” Literary Veganism, Oct 19, 2022, https://www.litvegan.net/2022/10/poetry-by-anna-cates.html

haibun, “Witching,” Scarlet Dragonfly, October 15, 2022, https://scarletdragonflyjournal.wordpress.com/2022/10/15/witching/

haiku, “still itching,” Scarlet Dragonfly, October 31, 2022, https://scarletdragonflyjournal.wordpress.com/2022/10/31/still-itching/

3 short form poems, Cattails #222, http://cattailsjournal.com/issues/cattails222.pdf

haiku, Five Fleas, October 4, 2022, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/10/morning-of-october-4-2022.html

haiku, Five Fleas, October 9, 2022, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/10/afternoon-of-october-9-2022.html

poems, Bamboo Hut 2, 2022, http://thebamboohut.weebly.com/number-2-2022.html

haiku, Modern Haiku 53.3, Autumn 2022, https://www.modernhaiku.org/

haiku, Cold Moon Journal, October 19, 2022, https://coldmoonjournal.blogspot.com/2022/10/by-anna-cates.html

haiku, Stardust Haiku #70, October 2022, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xTEwA4lWPUtLtqs1Vsqy6OGMR9lh9DO5/view

Richard Magahiz

5 poems, genre, “Vacation postcards,” “The Mechanics of Silica Under Tension,” “Is Not-Is,” “Cataphract,” & “The doornail,” Danse Macabre #145, https://dansemacabreonline.wixsite.com/neudm/richard-magahiz-145

poem, genre, “The Mothersong of Dame Polonia,” Bewildering Stories #968, http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue968/mothersong_polonia.html

poem, non-genre, “Cortege,” Liquid Imagination #52, https://liquidimagination.silverpen.org/article/cortege-by-richard-magahiz/

poem, genre, “As We Creep Back Into the World,” Stranged Writing: A Literary Taxonomy, The Gravity of the Thing, https://thegravityofthething.com/product/stranged-writing-a-literary-taxonomy/

3 poems, genre, “clockwork bloodhound,” “recognizing,” & “A violin,” Five Fleas, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/10/

poem, non-genre, “Winter root steeple,” Right Hand Pointing, 149, https://www.issues.righthandpointing.net/149

6 poems, genre,”Specular reflections,” “1000 radiant cranes,” “A is not A,” “Digamma variant,” “Floor of the Deep,” and “What it was like there isn’t what they say,” otoliths, Southern Summer, 2022, https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2022/08/richard-magahiz.html

poem, genre, “[in the joints],” Poetry Pea, 2:22, https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Poetrypea/e/97692

Lisa Timpf

3 poems, non-spec, “Cleaning Out the Desk,” “Constant,” and “Golden Years,” Paddler Press, Issue 6: Changes, October 2022, https://paddlerpress.ca/issues-trip-log/

poem, non-spec, “Get It Over With,” Thema, Vo 34, No. 3: Get It Over With, https://themaliterarysociety.com/

poem, spec, [Proxima colonists], Spaceports & Spidersilk, October 2022, Hiraeth Publishing, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/spaceports-spidersilk-october-2022-edited-by-marcie-lynn-tentchoff

poetry review, non-spec, First-Time Listener by Jennifer Zilm, Miramichi Reader, October 10, 2022, https://miramichireader.ca/2022/10/first-time-listener-by-jennifer-zilm/

poetry review, spec and non, Stone Woman by Bernadette Gabay Dyer, Miramichi Reader, October 26, 2022, https://miramichireader.ca/2022/10/stone-woman-by-bernadette-gabay-dyer/

Barun Saha

3 poems, “in global warming, a mind melts away,” “if I buy a house it will have two exits,” and “Cupboards of Urban Houses,” Sky Island Journal no. 22, October 22, 2022, https://www.skyislandjournal.com/issues#/issue-22-fall-2022/

Eugen Bacon

3 prose poems, “Texture of Silence,” “Lost Skin,” and “She Disappears Every Day,” 13th Anniversary Poetry and Writing Volume Four, Live Encounters, December 2022, https://liveencounters.net/2022-le-pw/12-december-le-pw-v4-2022/eugen-bacon-texture-of-silence/

Akua Lezli Hope

poem,“mutants now rise”, 2nd place winner, 4th annual Halloween Horror Haiku Challenge, Oct. 2022, https://halloweenhorrorhaiku.com/

poem, “The Skeleton Key,” Scarlet Dragon Journal, 10/31/22, https://scarletdragonflyjournal.wordpress.com/2022/10/31/the-skeleton-key/

poem, “Volcano,” PureHaiku, 10/25/22, purehaiku.wordpress.com/2022/10/25/25-10

poem, “Another Comprador,” The NewVerseNews, October 7, 2022, https://newversenews.blogspot.com/2022/10/another-comprador.html

Lori R. Lopez

poem, genre, print/E-book, “The Harbinger”, HWA Poetry Showcase Volume IX, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BJP81ZDB

5 poems, genre, “Aquarium Girl”, “The Spooks”, “One Tear”, “Happy Helloween”, and “If Houses Could Talk”, The Sirens Call, Halloween 2022, Issue 59, http://www.sirenscallpublications.com/pdfs/SirensCallEZine_Halloween2022.pdf

2 readings, online, “Biting Sarcasm” & “Nocturnity”, Fairy Fly Entertainment Channel, https://youtu.be/B56Bl0IsCUk & https://youtu.be/h9ULHd4zSfQ

Jordan Hirsch

poem, “Sacrament,” Pastel Pastoral Magazine, October 30, 2022, https://pastel-pastoral-magazine.weeblysite.com/issue-3

Marisca Pichette

poem, “charybdis,” The Future Fire, Issue 63, October 2022, http://futurefire.net/2022.63/fiction/charybdis.html

poem, “Pistil,” Prismatica Magazine, Issue 17, October 2022, https://prismaticapress.com/prismatica/2022-10-7/pistil

poem, “No more blue eyes,” Reservoir Road Literary Review, Issue 9, October 2022, https://www.reservoirroadlit.com/issue-09/no-more-blue-eyes

poem, “I was raised in anger,” Pioneer Valley Poetry Podcast, Episode 1, October 2022, https://open.spotify.com/episode/5mfeHz9b6Ixh7VAMJT7BLx?si=bc94e83cc7d0432f&nd=1

2 poems, “when” & “the dead ask of me,” Thanatos Review, Issue 1, October 2022, https://www.thanatosreview.com/post/the-dead-ask-of-me-by-marisca-pichette & https://www.thanatosreview.com/post/when-by-marisca-pichette

poem, “Somewhere, a clock,” They Came From the Closet, October 2022, https://prismaticapress.com/shop/prismaticas-hallow-zine-lgbtq-horror-spoop

Sharmon Gazaway

poem, “Helpful Athena,” Daughter of Sarpedon, Brigids Gate Press, October 2022, https://brigidsgatepress.com/product/daughter-of-sarpedon

poem, “Of Unsung Domiciles,” Diet Milk Magazine, October 2022, https://www.dietmilkmag.com

poem, “crow moon,” The Stripes Literary Magazine Issue 2, Volume 3: Unthemed, October 2022, https://selar.co/ISSUE%202.3:%20Unthemed

2 poems, “Neon Skyline,” and “Bring It On,” Wayward & Upward, Off Topic Publishing, October 2022, https://www.offtopicshop.com/product/wayward-and-upward-ebook/10


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