SFPA December 2022 Round-Up

One last:

Look back at what the members of SFPA were getting up to at the end of the previous year, and on we leap into the next!


G. O. Clark

poem, “Rock Formation,” Scifaikuest, Nov. 2022, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/scifaikuest-november-2022-edited-by-t-santitoro

Ruth Berman

poem, “Balancing the Books,” Blue Unicorn, Fall 2022, https://blueunicorn.org/

Angela Acosta

interview, “Chatting with Angela Acosta”, Radon Journal, December 2022. https://www.radonjournal.com/interviews/chatting-with-angela-acosta

poem, “Andromeda’s First Quinceañera”, Space & Time Magazine, Fall/Winter #142, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQRJYQWZ?ref_=ast_sto_dp 

Colleen Anderson

poem, “Od’s Bodkin,” Space and Time #142, Dec. 2022, https://www.amazon.com/Space-Time-Fall-Winter-142/dp/1959048074

poem, “After the Apocalypse,” Newmyths.com #162, Dec. 2022, https://sites.google.com/newmyths.com/newmyths-com-issue-61/issue-61-stories/after-the-apocalypse

poem, “The Ways of Straw,” Polar Starlight #7, Dec. 2022, https://polarborealis.ca/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=954

poem, “Second Nature,” Goatshed Press, Dec. 2022, https://www.goatshedpress.co.uk/shop/p/goatshed-one

reading, “Our Lady of Holy Death,” HWA Poetry Showcase IX, Dec. 2022, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYEZ_3YE0kI

Michael H. Payne

3 poems, #1702, #1704 & #1705, Terebinth, Dec. 5, 2022, Dec. 19, 2022 & Dec. 26, 2022, http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20221205.html, http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20221219.html & http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20221226.html

Dante Novario

poem, “Accepting My Haunted House,” Grim & Gilded, December 2022, https://www.grimandgilded.com/dante-novario

Jordan Hirsch

poem, “It’s Not Utopian If There Are No Fat People,” Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, December 2022, https://www.utopiasciencefiction.com/product-page/dec-2022-vol-4-issue-3-digital

Ken Poyner

5 poems, “Lessons in Light”, “Natural Selection”, “Overlords”, “Rumors of Contact” & “Space Junk”, Green Splotches, genre, web, https://greensplotches.com/index.php/2022/12/01/5-poems-by-ken-poyner/

poem, “Summation”, Ubu #5, non-genre, web, https://e89f7277-09c7-477f-ad2e-11a42c7326f7.filesusr.com/ugd/8f63f0_464827cf76cd42cfa2bc144e694c54fc.pdf

poem, “Why You Are Drinking in the Titty Bar at 2 a.m.”, Rye Whiskey Review, non-genre, web, https://ryethewhiskeyreview.blogspot.com.

poem, “Piety”, Neologism #66, genre, web, https://www.neologismpoetry.com/November-2022/

poem, “Collective Experience”, North Dakota Quarterly vol. 89 #3/4, non-genre, print, https://ndquarterly.org/

Noah Berlatsky

poem, “Amidah,” non-genre, Orchards Poetry Journal, Winter 2022, https://orchardspoetry.com/

poem, “I Should Have Been Working But I Wrote This Instead,” non-genre, New Feathers Anthology, Winter 2022, https://www.newfeathersanthology.com/i-should-have-been-working-but-wrote-this-instead.html/

poem, “Nor Am I Out of It,” non-genre, Asses of Parnassus, December 2, 2022,  https://assesofparnassus.tumblr.com/post/702542465401602048/nor-am-i-out-of-it

poem, “No Scones,” non-genre, Welter Online, Fall 2022, https://blogs.ubalt.edu/welter/poetry-2/no-scones/

Joshua St. Claire

5 haiku, non-genre, Impspired 20, https://impspired.com/2022/12/01/joshua-st-claire/

haiku, non-genre, Brass Bell Haiku, December 2022 (Night), http://brassbellhaiku.blogspot.com/2022/12/night-haiku-from-sunset-to-sunrise.html?m=1

haiku, non-genre, tsuri-doro, November/December 2022, https://tsuridoro.org/issue-12-nov-dec-2022

senryu, non-genre, Failed Haiku, December 2022 https://failedhaiku.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/failedhaikuissue84-1.pdf

5 scifaiku, genre, Green Splotches 11/26/22, https://greensplotches.com

haiku, non-genre, The Heron’s Nest, December 2022, https://theheronsnest.com/December2022/haiku-p15.html

cadralor, “Spark,” non-genre, Gleam: The Journal of the Cadralor 5, https://gleampoets.org

12 haiku and tanka, mixed genre and non-genre, Eastern Structures 23, https://www.amazon.com/Eastern-Structures-No-23-Watkins/dp/B0BHLDMKZX

haibun, “Ekphrasis,” genre, Contemporary Haibun Online https://contemporaryhaibunonline.com/cho-18-3table-of-contents/joshua-st-claire-ekphrasis/

2 haiku, non-genre, First Literary Review East Nov/Dec 2022, http://www.rulrul.4mg.com

haiku, non-genre, Scarlet Dragonfly 12/16/22, https://scarletdragonflyjournal.wordpress.com/2022/12/

2 haiku, non-genre, Midwest Zen 3 Dec 2022, https://www.greatwindzendo.org/mwz/#free-form-haiku

poem, “Psalm,” genre, The Nelligan Review 1.2 December 2022, https://www.thenelliganreview.com/copy-of-crickets-3

haiku and triolet, “A Triolet Found in John Donnie’s The Flea,” Five Fleas (Itchy Poetry), 12/21/22, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/12/afternoon-of-december-21-2022.html?m=1

Elizabeth R. McClellan

poem, spec, “Mother Kills The Gun,” Blood and Jazz (podcast), December 15, 2022, https://www.lastgirlsclub.com/blood-jazz-podcast/mother-kills-the-gun-by-elizabeth-r-mcclellan

poem, spec, “Taking Care of the Kids,” parAbnormal Magazine, December 2022, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/parabnormal-magazine-december-2022-edited-by-h-david-blalock

Akua Lezli Hope

2 poems, “Dogon” & “How She Blew,” Stanza Cannon,  December 2022,  https://stanzacannon.com/issues/issue-four/

poem, “Encompass,” Center of Gravity, About Place Journal, December 2022, https://aboutplacejournal.org/issues/center-of-gravity/praxis/akua-lezli-hope/

Lorraine Schein

poem, “The Astrologer’s House, ” Ev0ke, Dec. 16, 2022, https://ev0kepublication.com/december-bonus-content-poem-the-astrologers-house/

M. C. Aster

3 poems, genre, print & online, “The Mavka at Midnight,” “Afternoon Lights” & “The Old Toll Bridge”, FWS: A Journal of Literature and Art, Woodland Issue Vol 1, Issue 1, 2022, https://formidablewoman.org/issue-no-1-vol-1-fall-2022-woodlands/ & https://www.amazon.com/woodlands-nature-magic-mystery-myth-d-ellis-phelps/dp/B0BPGKY84R

Michael McCormick

poem, non-genre, “Runt”, Willows Wept Review, Winter 2023, https://www.magcloud.com/webviewer/2382727?__r=150177&s=w

Lela Buis

poem, “The Last 1040,” Cadence #40, The Florida State Poet’s Association, 2022, http://www.floridastatepoetsassociation.org/?page_id=3294

Kim Whysall-Hammond

poem, genre, “As slow as Starlight”, Frozen Wavelets Issue 7 October  2022  https://frozenwavelets.com/sdm_downloads/issue-7/

7 poems, non-genre, “Mother Love”, “Prehistory”, “Soap Aisle Woolworths 1960s”, “Toxic”, “Incremental Understanding”,“Wilma” & “Rose Bower”, Green Lion Journal Featured Poet , December 2022 , https://greenlionjournal.com/2023-roar-showcase-the-experienced-kim-whysall-hamond/

2 poems, genre, “Singing the Cosmos” & “Hot Knife in Butter”, Soft Star Magazine, December 2022, https://softstarmagazine.substack.com/p/singing-the-cosmos-and-hot-knife

S. T. Eleu

poem, “Cold, Cold Case”, Consilience #11, Winter 2022, https://www.consilience-journal.com/issue-11-cold-cold-case

Frank Coffman

poem, “Pareidolia?…Perhaps”, blog post,12/14/22, Timber Ghost Press, https://www.timberghostpress.com/blog/pareidolia-perhaps-by-frank-coffman

Sharmon Gazaway

poem, “a mermaid’s tale,” New Myths Magazine, December 2022, http://newmyths.com

Jane Yolen

6 poems, “The New Planet,” “Joseph Campbell Misses the Mark,” “The Writer Speaks to the New World,” “How A World Dies,” “Fairy Invention” & “How to Create Language for A New-Made World,” Shapers of Worlds vol. 3, Shadowpaw Press, Oct. 2022, https://shadowpawpress.com/product/shapers-of-worlds-volume-iii/

Mike Allen

poem, “Fireworks,” The Roanoke Rambler, Big Blue Press LLC, Dec. 28, 2022, https://www.roanokerambler.com/poem-fireworks/

Ian Willey

poem, “Family Curse,” One Sentence Poems, December 5, 2022, http://www.onesentencepoems.com/osp/?p=7121

Jean Hautepierre

tragedy in French verse, Los Angeles, éditions de l’Oeil du Sphinx, Les Inclassables n° 3, September 2022, https://boutique.oeildusphinx.com/fr/338-los-angeles-tragedie.html

Lynne Sargent

poem, “For All The Magical Horse Girls,” Polar Starlight Issue 7, December 2022, https://polarborealis.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/POLAR-STARLIGHT-7-December-2022.pdf

Anna Cates

haiku, Five Fleas, 12/12/22, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/12/evening-of-december-12-2022.html

poem, “The Herbalist,” Bud and Branch, Green Ink Poetry Press, Dec. 2022, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BPPT83MK

James Arthur Anderson

poem, “Pulsar”, Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, January/February 2023, https://www.asimovs.com/current-issue/table-of-contents/

poem, “Fire and Ice,” The Fifth Dimension, December 2022, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/fifth-di-december-2022-edited-by-tyree-campbell

Mary Soon Lee

poem, “What Chimerae Read,” Fantasy Magazine #86, December 2022, https://www.fantasy-magazine.com/fm/poetry/what-chimerae-read/

poem, “What Martians Read,” DreamForge Anvil, Issue 10, December 2022, https://dreamforge.mywebportal.app/dreamforge/stories/show/what-martians-read-mary-soon-lee

2 poems, “Picasso’s ‘Chat Saissisant un Oiseau'” & “Following B’sst,” Constellations, Volume 12, Fall 2022, http://www.constellations-lit.com/issues/issues/vol12.html

Jean-Paul L. Garnier

chapbook/audiobook, Time’s Arrow, Space Cowboy Books, December 2022, https://spacecowboybooks.bandcamp.com/album/times-arrow

J.D. Harlock

poem, “Breathe Death Into the Great Dragon of Old,” Anathema: Spec From The Margins, December 2022, http://www.anathemamag.com/breathe-death-into-the-great-dragon-of-old

Rebecca Fraser

poem, “IF I Touch You, You’ll Know”, Nightmare Fuel Magazine, 1 December 2022, https://nightmarefuelmagazine.com/2022/12/12/if-i-touch-you-youll-know/

Richard Magahiz

poem, genre, “The island that got away,” NonBinary Review – Heathentide Orphans 2022, https://www.amazon.com/Heathentide-Orphans-2022-Zoetic-Press/dp/B0BPW62QY4

prose poem, non-genre, “Lions,” Call Me [When You Get Home], https://callmebrackets.net/call-me-when-you-get-home/

poem, non-genre, “[slim wrists of],” Five Fleas, December 22, 2022, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/2022/12/afternoon-of-december-22-2022.html

Dennis Maulsby

poem,”The Mercenary,” Space and Time Magazine, Space and Time, Fall/Winter 2022 #142, https://www.amazon.com/Space-Time-Fall-Winter-142-ebook/dp/B0BQRJYQWZ

Marisca Pichette

poem, “the color of mourning,” Fahmidan Journal #13, November 2022, https://www.fahmidan.net/issue-13

poem, “The Lying Game,” Hearth & Coffin Volume 2 Issue 3, November 2022, https://www.hearthandcoffin.com/post/the-lying-game

poem, “I was raised in anger,” warning lines literary Volume 5, December 2022, https://www.warninglines.com/vol05

poem, “under the frost buttercups sing,” Bud & Branch, Green Ink Poetry, December 2022, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BPPT83MK

poem, “Kelpie Dreams,” The Dread Machine, December 2022, https://www.thedreadmachine.com/kelpie-dreams/

poem, “I never learned the word,” Blue Unicorn Volume 46 No 1, December 2022, https://blueunicorn.org/blue-unicorn-store/

poem, “Demeter Diary,” Fahmidan Journal Issue 14, December 2022, https://www.fahmidan.net/issue-14

poem, “Stained with Salt, Crusted in Snow,” Haunted Words Press Issue 3, December 2022, https://issuu.com/hauntedwordspress/docs/haunted_words_press_issue_three_4_

Lori R. Lopez

5 poems, genre, “Brainstorm”, “Darkness Sails The Pewter Skies”, “come the maniacal”, “The Gondegone”, and “Doomscroll”, The Sirens Call, Winter 2022, Issue 60, http://www.sirenscallpublications.com/pdfs/SirensCallEZine_Winter2022.pdf

Lisa Timpf

poem, spec, “At the Magical Furniture Store,” Polar Starlight, Issue 7, December 2022, https://polarborealis.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/POLAR-STARLIGHT-7-December-2022.pdf

poem, spec, “Ghost Train,” NewMyths.com, Vol. 16, Issue 61, Winter 2022, https://sites.google.com/newmyths.com/newmyths-com-issue-61/issue-61-stories/ghost-train

poems, spec, [shuffling cards], [stunning discovery], Scifaikuest November 2022, print, Hiraeth Publishing, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/scifaikuest-november-2022-edited-by-t-santitoro

PS Cottier

2 poems, “Hip gnomes” and “[scifaiku]” AntipodeanSF, Issue 291, December 2022, https://webarchive.nla.gov.au/awa/20221220130000/http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/10063/20221221-0000/www.antisf.com.au/index.html

LindaAnn LoSchiavo

2 poems, “Annabel Lee Breaks Her Silence by the Sea” & “Lady Madeline Usher’s Revenge,” The Raven Magazine, Issue #5, November 2022, https://issuu.com/ghostscribes/docs/the_raven_issue_5

5 poems, “Golden Shovel: At Night Alone,” “Golden Shovel: Untimely Death,” “Speculative Poeming,” “Golden Shovel: Secrets of the Night” & “CENTO: Benighted Night,” Lothlorien Poetry Journal, 14 December 2022, https://lothlorienpoetryjournal.blogspot.com/2022/12/five-poems-by-lindaann-loschiavo.html

poem, “The Son-in-Law from Hell,” Leading Edge Magazine, Issue 81, December 8, 2022, https://www.leadingedgemagazine.com/  and https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BPN7Y2C2

Jay Sturner

prose poem, “The Moth Fairies Pay a Visit,” Space & Time Magazine, Fall/Winter 2023, https://spaceandtime.net


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