SFPA February 2023 Round-Up

A few:

Metaphorical ice sculptures for the perusal of one and all.


David C. Kopaska-Merkel

poem, “Post-anthropy” Spectral Realms 18, Winter 2023, Hippocampus Press, https://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/spectral-realms/spectral-realms-no.-18

poem, “The Hanging Tree,” 2023, Still of Winter, Unsettling Reads, Feb. 2023, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BW2SXDQY/

Lorraine Schein

poem, “The Green Woman”, The Experiment Will Not be Bound, Small Press Distribution, February 2023, https://www.spdbooks.org/Products/9780991378081/the-experiment-will-not-be-bound-an-experimental-anthology.aspx

Sara Backer

poem, “Potential,” Penumbric, February 2023, https://www.penumbric.com/currentissue/backerPotential.html

Carolyn Clink

poem, “Pregnant Sea,” Polar Borealis, February 2023, https://polarborealis.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/POLAR-BOREALIS-24-February-2023.pdf

Anna Cates

editor, Little Black Box: Speculative Poetry from Ohio, Resource Publications, Jan. 2023, https://wipfandstock.com/9781666764383/little-black-box/

silver medal for book Love in the Time of Covid, Illumination Book Award, https://illuminationawards.com/20/2023-medalists

poem, “Prufrock’s Visions,” Drifting Sands 19, January 2023, https://drifting-sands-haibun.org/01/2023/prufrocks-visions/

haiku, Frogpond 46:1, Winter 2023, https://www.hsa-haiku.org/frogpond/

Robin Wyatt Dunn

4 poems, Otoliths, February 22, 2023, https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2022/11/robin-wyatt-dunn.html

poem, “Waystations of Cathay”, Dissident Voice, February 5th, 2023, https://dissidentvoice.org/2023/02/waystations-of-cathay/

H. Russell Smith

4 poems, “The Believer”, “Starman”, & 2 senryu, The Flying Saucer Poetry Review #2, Winter 2023, https://starshipsloane.com/the-flying-saucer-poetry-review-winter-2023-issue-2/

Ken Poyner

poem, genre, web, “Rapture”, Mobius #34.1, http://www.mobiusmagazine.com

poem, genre, web, “Liminal Creatures”, Neologism #68, http://www.neologismpoetry.com

Michael H. Payne

poem, #1711, Terebinth, February 6, 2023, http://pandora.xepher.net/terebinth/tbarchiv/20230206.html

Angela Acosta

poem, “Il(luna)minated”, The Polaris Trilogy: Poems for the Moon, January 2023, https://www.amazon.com/Polaris-Trilogy-Poems-Moon/dp/B0BSWS61PV

2 non-genre poems, “Dialect” & “Genealogy”, Runner up, best set of two 22-word poems, Identity Theory Writing Contest, January 2023, https://www.identitytheory.com/best-22-word-poems-2022/

Sumiko Saulson

collection, The Rat King: A Book of Dark Poetry, on the final ballot for the 2023 Bram Stoker Awards, https://www.thebramstokerawards.com/front-page/the-2022-bram-stoker-awards-final-ballot/

Dennis Maulsby

poem, “Vietnam Veteran’s Free Association,” The Line Literary Review, Columbia University, February 2023, https://www.thelineliterary.org/poetry/veterans’-day-free-association

review by Betsy Beard of collection Heart Songs, Military Writers of America, January 2023, https://www.mwsadispatches.com/library/2023/heart-songs

Lauren McBride

3 poems, genre/print, Scifaikuest, February 2023, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/scifaikuest

poem, “Before the World Wakes”, genre, Spaceports & Spidersilk, February 2023, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/spaceports-spidersilk-february-2023-edited-by-marcie-lynn-tentchoff-1

Kim Malinowski

2 poems, “Back then I knew” and “Caged Sprouting,” Compass Rose Literary Journal, February 2023, compassroseliterary.com

Frank Coffman

3 poems, “Pericula Noctis,” “Mr. Illusive” & “Locus Horroris,” Spectral Realms #18, Winter 2023, https://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/spectral-realms/spectral-realms-no.-18

poem, “Figures of Shadow,” A Walk in a City of Shadows: Tales of Urban Legendry, Januar 2023, Alien Sun Press, https://www.amazon.com/Walk-City-Shadows-Tales-Legendry/dp/B0BVP1QGYN/

Keech Ballard

poem, “Message Plays,” The Flying Dodo, Issue #5, https://fantasyfantasywave.wixsite.com/my-site/issue-5

visual poem, “Death,” Hallowscream 2022, https://gnashingteethpublishing.com/blog/death-by-keech-ballard-2/

G. O. Clark

poem, “Einstein’s Eyes”, Dreams & Nightmares Issue 123, January 2023, https://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/2023/01/010223b.html

Katherine Quevedo

poem, reprint, genre, “The Ichthyocentaur Beyond Marginalia,” The Hyacinth Review, February 27, 2023, https://hyacinthreview.org/katherine-quevedo-the-ichthyocentaur-beyond-marginalia/

Robert Frazier

2 poems, “Your Clone When Paired” & “What Binds Me To You, To Everything”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, March/April 2023, http://www.asimovs.com

Ian Willey

poem, “Collateral Damage,” Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Vol. 34, No. 1, February 2023, http://mobiusmagazine.com/poetry/collate.html 

poem, “These Things Happen,” Rune Bear Weekly, February 16, 2023, https://runebear.com/weekly/these-things-happen/ 

5 poems, Otoliths Issue 68, February 1, 2023, https://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2023/01/ian-willey.html

Mary Soon Lee

poem, “Without Winter, No Plum Blossom,” Small Wonders #0, 2/28/2023, https://smallwondersmag.com/pieces/without-winter-no-plum-blossom/

poem, mainstream, “Allegheny River,”  Uppagus #55, February 2023, https://uppagus.com/poems/soon-lee-allegheny/

Silvatiicus Riddle

poem, spec, print, “In Your Dreams”, Spectral Realms #18, https://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/spectral-realms/spectral-realms-no.-18

Richard Magahiz

poem, genre, “Oath,” Uppagus, Issue 55, https://uppagus.com/poems/magahiz-oath/

poem, non-genre, “Howls thrown at a moon gone fifty years,” Rat’s Ass Review, http://ratsassreview.net/?page_id=4220

poem, non-genre, “Basho’s Pet Radish,” dadakuku, https://dadakuku.com/2023/02/27/bashos-pet-radish/

Ann K. Schwader

2 poems, “The Spirit Mirror of Doctor Dee” and “Perfect World,” Spectral Realms #18, Winter 2023, https://tinyurl.com/yc39s3k2

haiku, non-genre, “the colors,” Frogpond, Winter 2023, https://www.hsa-haiku.org/frogpond/

haiku, non-genre, “her birthday,” Modern Haiku, Winter-Spring 2023, https://www.modernhaiku.org/

Colleen Anderson

poem, “Love Unto the End,” The Vampiricon, Mindseye Publications, Feb. 2023, https://www.lulu.com/shop/frank-coffman/the-vampiricon/paperback/product-wpy878.html

poem & audio, “Found in a Hidden Cavern,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #55, Feb. 2023, https://www.heroicfantasyquarterly.com/?p=3820

interview, “Meeting the Brave New Weirdos,” Tenebrous Press Blog, Jan. 2023, https://tenebrouspress.com/blog/2023/1/8/meet-the-brave-new-weirdos-8-colleen-anderson

Akua Lezli Hope

reading, “Love Poems for Valentine’s Day,” Southeast Steuben County Library, February 14, 2023, https://ssclibrary.org/activities/love-poems-reading/

host, The Speculative Sundays Poetry Reading Series with Hannu Afere, February 19, 2023, 7 to 8 pm, https://www.facebook.com/specpo/videos/758706998710806

article and poems, “MicroAcrostics,” SciFaikuest, February 2023, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/scifaikuest-february-2023-edited-by-t-santitoro

poem, “Comet C2022 E3 (ZTF),” Haikuniverse. February 4, 2023, https://haikuniverse.com/comet-c2022-e3-ztf-by-akua-lezli-hope/

host, The Speculative Sundays Poetry Reading Series with Lynne Sargent, March 19, 2023, 7 to 8 pm, https://www.facebook.com/specpo

Lori R. Lopez

poem, genre, “If Looks Could Kill”, Impspired No. 21, February 1, 2023, https://impspired.com/2023/02/01/lori-r-lopez-6

Marisca Pichette

2 poems , “A fair trade” & “She gathered up the dust,” Frozen Wavelets, Issue 8, March 2023, https://earthianhivemind.net/2023/02/25/__trashed/

poem, “The Price of Rent on Sarpedon,” Heartlines Spec, Issue 1, February 2023, https://www.heartlines-spec.com/tag/issue-1/

poem, “One generation after the last flower,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2023 Issue, March 2023, https://weightlessbooks.com/the-magazine-of-fantasy-and-science-fiction-mar-apr-2023/

LindaAnn LoSchiavo and David Davies

review of Messengers of the Macabre: Hallowe’en Poems, Witty and Sarcastic Book Reviews, Feb. 20, 2023, https://wittyandsarcasticbookclub.home.blog/2023/02/20/messengers-of-the-macabre-halloween-poems-by-lindaann-loschiavo-and-david-davies/

LindaAnn LoSchiavo

reading, Thirty West Publishing, Finalists for “A Fresh Start” contest, February 8, 2023, https://www.thirtywestph.com/

reading, British Fantasy Society Online, BTS World-Building Event, February 18, 2023, https://britishfantasysociety.org/

interviewed by William Woolfitt, Speaking of Marvels, February 9, 2023, https://spkofmarvels.wordpress.com/2023/02/09/lindaann-loschiavo/

poem, “Quest,” Aphelion, Issue 280, Volume 27, February 1, 2023, http://www.aphelion-webzine.com/poetry/2023/02/Quest.html

2 poems, “Valentine Villanelle” & “Twilight in Italy with Phoenix”, Love Letters in Poetic Verse, February 2, 2023, http://www.southernarizonapress.com/downloads/ and https://www.amazon.com/dp/1960038079

poem, “Spellcasting,” Wine Cellar Press, Issue: The Veil Between the Worlds, February 4, 2023, https://winecellarpress.com/spellcasting/

poem, “Apprenticed to the Night,” Maenad Literary Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1, February 9, 2023, https://maenadreview.wixsite.com/maenad-literary/general-4-9

2 poems, “New York Night Talk” & “Nightsong for Mother”, Unlost  #30: The Motivation of Winter, February 2023, https://www.theunjournals.com/unlost30

poem, “Hallowe’en Window Painting,” Bewildering Stories, Issue 987, February 26, 2023, http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue987/window_painting.html

prose-poem, “Pomegranate,” NonBinary Review, Issue 31, Zoetic Press, March 2, 2023, https://www.zoeticpress.com/nonbinary-review

Noah Berlatsky

poem, non-genre, “A Poem in Yellow After Jerome Rothenberg after Tristan Tzara” dadakuku, February 2, 2023, https://dadakuku.com/2023/02/02/a-poem-in-yellow-after-jerome-rothenberg-after-tristan-tzara/

poem, spec, “Bob the Puppet,” dadakuku, February 16, 2023. https://dadakuku.com/2023/02/16/bob-the-puppet/

9 poems, spec and non-genre, “Against Expression,” “Cyborgs without brains,” “hototogisu,” “L=A=L=A=L,” “Marriage,” “No fewer people,” “Resonances,”  “Retreat,” & “Say Quotes (After Ariana Reines),” February 2023, https://fivefleas.blogspot.com/search?q=Berlatsky+February&max-results=20&by-date=true

poem, non-spec, “Bach,” Asses of Parnassus, February 14, 2023, https://assesofparnassus.tumblr.com/post/709245018049757184/bach

Denise Dumars

3 poems, “Mortifying,” “Sharps,” and “Wake Me up Some Day,” Top 30 Bards of Southern California, Feb. 2023, Four Feathers Press, https://fourfeatherspress.blogspot.com/2023/02/30-poets-published-in-bards-of-southern.html

poem, “The Thin Red Line,” The Vampiricon, Mind’s Eye Publications, https://www.lulu.com/shop/frank-coffman/the-vampiricon/paperback/product-wpy878.html?q=vampiricon&page=1&pageSize=4

Lisa Timpf

3 poems, spec, “Send in the Clowns,” “[black hole]” & “[dreading],” Scifaikuest February 2023 online, Hiraeth Publishing, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/scifaikuest-online

Carina Bissett

poem, online, “The Mermaids of Magonia,” Fantasy Magazine, February 2023. https://www.fantasy-magazine.com/fm/poetry/the-mermaids-of-magonia/

Deborah P Kolodji

haiku, “blue skipper”, tsuri-dōrō, #14, Mar/April 2023, https://tsuridoro.org/issue-14-march-april-2023

haiku, “the longest wait”, frogpond 46.1, Winter 2023, print, https://www.hsa-haiku.org/frogpond/index.html

guest editor, California Quarterly 48.4, Winter 2022, https://www.californiastatepoetrysociety.com/2022/12/contents-of-california-quarterly-vol-48.html

Deborah P Kolodji & Claudia Poquoc

rengay, “Night Sweats”, frogpond 46.1, Winter 2023, https://www.hsa-haiku.org/frogpond/2023-issue46-1/renku.html

Deborah P Kolodji & Mariko Kitakubo

tan-ku set, “Resolve,” Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, 2/21/23, https://scarletdragonflyjournal.wordpress.com/2023/02/21/resolve/

3 tan-ku sets, “Beach in Malaysia,” “Forecast” & “Wings”, Shot Glass Journal, Issue #39, January 2023, https://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/kolodji_kitakubo1.html, https://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/kolodji_kitakubo2.html & https://www.musepiepress.com/shotglass/kolodji_kitakubo3.html

tan-ku sequence, “The Queen Mary”, California Quarterly, 48.4, Number 4, Winter 2022, https://www.californiastatepoetrysociety.com/2022/12/contents-of-california-quarterly-vol-48.html


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