Member News-May, 2017

May was a good month for many of our members at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association. We give our thanks to Michael H. Payne who dutifully gathered our members news for this month! Take a look at all of their exciting publications and presentations they gave! Congratulations to all, and we look forward to hearing about more of your successes soon!

Ruth Berman

2 poems, genre, “Dark Shuttle” and “The Road to Long Ago,” Spectral Realms #6 (Winter 2017), ed. S. t. Joshi,

Deborah L Davitt

poem, (spec) “I dream of hidden rooms,” Undertow Tanka Review,  issue 11, April 20, 2017.

3 poems, (spec) “Prey,” “Deathless,” and “White Hole,” Speculative 66,  Issue 8, May 6, 2017

poem, (spec) “The Colors of Time,” The Tanka Journal #5, May 14, 2017.

2 poems, (spec, print) “Three Suns” and “Neutrinos,” SCIFAIKUEST, May 2017,

poem, (spec) “The Stone Garden,” Liquid Imagination, May 2017,

Gary O. Clark

poem, “Endeavour”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, May/June 2017, http://www.asimov’

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

interview and 2 poems, “The Trajectory of Culture” and “If She Knew She Was a Ghost,” Polu Texni, May 2017,

Robert Borski

poem, “The Blob,” Dreams & Nightmares 106, May 2017, print only,

Brian Garrison

New Yesterdays New Tomorrows, poetry chapbook, self-published, May 2017

Featured Reader at SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series: Seattle & Portland, May 23 & 25

Josh Brown

poem, “Nine,” Silver Blade Magazine, Spring 2017,

Shannon Connor Winward

poem, “What Doesn’t Kill”, Quail Bell Magazine, May 2017,

poem, “Because I Never Learned to Read the Tarot”, Silver Blade Magazine, Spring 2017,

3 poems, “Eruptions”, “In Conception”, “Peach Pie”, Gargoyle, Spring 2017,

poem, “Down”, Qu Literary Magazine, Summer 2017,

Mary Soon Lee

poem, print + Kindle, “The Path to Peace,” F&SF, May/June 2017,

poem, “When King Xau Was Gone,” Uppagus, May 2017,

poem, “Lost,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, 5/10/2017,

Ken Poyner

prose poem, “Listen”, Gnarled Oak, May 2017, genre, web,

poem, “War Crimes”, Fear of Monkeys, May 2017, non-genre, web,

poem, “Delivery”, Postcards Poems and Prose, May 2017, non-genre, web,

Herb Kauderer

1 zappai & 1 haibun “Notion for Promotion”, “Like a Phone Call Home,” Scifaikuest #56, May 2017,

“After” won the 31st Annual Asimov’s Readers’ Award for best poem,,

2 poems, “Some Blissful Ignorance” & “Needed Correction,” Strange Lands, Poet’s Haven Press,

book, Flying Solo: The Lana Invasion, Poet’s Haven Press,

interview in Broadway World: Buffalo May 26

2 poems, “The Fountain” & “we are all stars,” FrostFire Worlds, May 2017,

2 poems, non-genre, “Map of Lies” & “Who Pays the Tallyman?”  Hers – Poets Speak (while we can), vol. 2 produced jointly by Beatlick Press and Jules’ Poetry Playhouse Publications,


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