Member News- November, 2017

It’s fast approaching the end of the year and our members had excellent news to report from this past november at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association! Michael H. Payne has our thanks for his excellence in gathering together the news from our global membership. Congratulations, and we look forward to more news from each of you soon!


Lawrence Schimel
3 poem translations, non-genre, “3 poems by Carmen Boullosa,” Latin American Literature Today, Fall 2017, 

4 poem translations, non-genre, “Bird Spirit” and “Handful of Earth” by Fredy Chicangana & “Wayuu II” and “Roots” by Vito Apushana, Words Without Borders, Sept 2017


John Reinhart
2 poems (genre-ish), Online. Quatrain.Fish

3 poems & 2 illustrations, (genre), Print, Scifaikuest, 11/2017

2 poems & a haiga, (genre),  Online, Scifaikuest

2 poems, Poet’s Siddur (non-genre), Print, Ain’t Got No Press, 11/2017

1 poem, Jitter #6, (genre), Print, Prolific Press

1 poem, (non-genre), Print, Pocket Change Literary Magazine #3 

1 poem, (genre), Print, Crannóg #46

3 drabbles, including an  Honorable Mention (genre), Print, Drabble Harvest #9: Adventures in Plumbing, Alban Lake

1 Drabble, first place!, (genre) Print, Drabble Harvest Special: Alien Bedtime Stories, Alban Lake


Daniel Ausema
poem, “Learning the Language of Denshi,” Polu Texni, Nov 13, 2017


Christina Sng
haiku, contest winner, “age old battle”, All-Out Monster Revolt’s Dai Kaiju Haiku Contest 

haiga, “not alone”, contest honourable mention, Second Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Contest

poem, “Starlight”, Space and Time 129

tanka, “Mars Beckons”, Grievous Angel

poem, “Little Red”, Polu Texni


Shannon Connor Winward
poem, “Marionette” (speculative), Scifaikuest (print)

editor, Riddled with Arrows Literary Journal, “Meta-Horror” Samhain issue 


G. O. Clark
poem, “Nesting Habits of the Mutant Crows”, Bete Noir #25, Nov. 2017


A.J. Odasso
poem, “Radiant Things,” Noble Dissent anthology, Beautiful Dragons Press, November 2017

Jane Yolen
2 poems, “Robot Love” and “25 Words About Einstein’s Theory Without Doing Research,” Typishly, 11/22/2017

2 poems, “One Jar of Honey” and “Labyrinth,” Writing in a Woman’s Voice, Nov. 2017.

8 poems, “Oak Casket,” “Note on a Dried Cod,” “Maiden v. Unicorn,” “Mission,” “Green Man,” “Merlin: A Haiku,” “Compère Le Loup,” and “A Different Kind of Bone: A Compressed Sonnet,” The Emerald Circus, Tachyon Publications, Nov. 2017


David E. Cowen
editor, The Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase Volume IV, October 2017 


Ashley Dioses
poem, “The Prideful Scribe,”  Skelos – The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy Issue Three, Skelos Press


Robin Wyatt Dunn
poem, “we’re carrying rivers” at 1947 Journal, November 16, 2017 

poems, Scarlet Leaf Review, November 15, 2017

poem, “Slip Me Down, Under The Skin; Hold Me Back; Tempt Me Out Of Our Auburn,” In Between Hangovers, November 14, 2017

poem, “who are we to dwell,” 1947 Journal, November 6, 2017


Gene Twaronite
winner, 2017 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award in the category of Arizona poetry, Trash Picker on Mars,


Ken Poyner
poem, “Change State”, genre, print, “Asimov’s Science Fiction”,  November/December 2017

poem, “New Planet Landscape 19”, genre, print, “Analog Science Fiction and Fact”, November/December 2017


Holly Walrath
poem, print, “We Have Always Lived“, Nonbinary Review Issue#15, November 2017, 


Laura Madeline Wiseman
poem nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize “If I Began to be a Kind of Magical Guest, Then Others Work There” 4: A Reaping, 2017

poem nominated for a Sundress Publications Best of the Net, “Dwelling Near Hills, Mounds, and Hillocks,” Lime Hawk 11

poem “If After Days on the Same Island, Then It’s Our Timeline I Ask,” Oyster River Pages, 2017


Laura Madeline Wiseman and Andrea Blythe
poem “The Red Inside of Girls,” Nasty Women Poets: An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, edited by Grace Bauer and Julie Kane, Lost Horst Press, 2017 


Mary Soon Lee
​​2 poems, mainstream, “​The Day’s Measure” & “​Cookies,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, ​November 2017


Herb Kauderer
3 poems, “web ghosts”, “[untitled] longevity key:”, and “overpowered”, Scifaikuest online

poem, “mid-night ghosts”, Bewildering Stories #738 

4 poems, “Leather Dragon”, “What’s Been Left Behind”, “Soft Scientist”, and “Computer Vows”, Altered Reality

4 poems, “[untitled] in high-speed orbit”, “[untitled] in servants’ quarters”, “epitaph for a siren”, and “[untitled] Ghosts float”, Scifaikuest print

2 poems nominated for the Pushcart Prize: “mid-night ghosts” and “My Response to Your Mayday Call” (a collaboration with David Clink 


Lisa Timpf
3 poems (non-genre, print), “Beam Me Up”, “In the Bag”, and “When the Black Dog Howls”, Transition, Fall, 2017


Ann K. Schwader
poem, “Distant Deaths of Galaxies”,  Abyss & Apex,  4th Quarter 2017  


Vince Gotera
poem, non-genre, online, “Cicatrices,” Minute Magazine, Issue Two, November 2017 

poem, genre, print, “Astro-Archaeologist’s Log” nominated for Pushcart Prize by The Poet’s Haven.

poem, non-genre, print. “Combat Fatigue,” in the anthology Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors, Volume 6.

Illustration, genre, online, “Antimatter Ray Gun,” cover art of Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, Issue 28.4, Winter 2017

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