Thanks go to all of our members who shared their excellent news from across the globe regarding their recent publications and reading with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association! We appreciate Michael H. Payne for collecting your updates, and he has our sincere thanks for coordinating our members.  Congratulations, and we look forward to more news from each of you soon as we continue to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the SFPA!

Karen Bovenmyer

poem, “Fire Lover,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, February 2018,


David Lunde

poetry collection, genre, Absolute Zero, Mayapple Press, Feb. 2018, with signed copies are available from

reading from the above book at the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts (ICFA) in Orlando March 14-18, 2018,


Clay Thistleton

poem, “Fanged (Two Syl.) Maw: Peter Khoury”, Otoliths, issue 48, Southern Summer 2018,

poem, “A (Tran-)Script for Voices: The Allagash Abductions”, Angry Old Man Magazine, issue 2, 2018,


David C. Kopaska-Merkel

4 poems & 1 essay, “The Lune,” Scifaikuest (print) Feb. 2018,

2 haiku, “young Dawgs” & “freezer bags bulging,” Scifaikuest (online) Feb. 2018,


Guy Anthony De Marco

poem, “Recipe for Walkers,” Raven Cage eZine, Feb 2018,


Ken Poyner

appearing at a local authors’ fair at the Norfolk Public Library on Sat-Sun March 3-4,


E. Kristin Anderson

2 poems, “At freak-out point” and “The night pressed dark” (​​print, genre) ​bramble & thorn, ​Porkbelly Press, ​​December 201​7​,

chapbook, 17 seventeen XVII, (print, mix of genre/nongenre) Grey Book Press, December 2017, (signed copies can be purchased directly from the author via email/paypal)

poem, “​The queen is supposed to have an escort.” (​​print, genre) ​Salamander, ​December 201​7​,

poem, “No gross culmination of witchcraft” (genre) Calamus Journal, January 2018,

2 poems, “Indecorous, clear” and “Mark my words, sugar” (genre) Storyscape, January 2018,

poem, “I’m going now.” (​print, ​nongenre) Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, January 2018,

4 poems, “Wind whips through,” “Restrain away character,” “Enigmatic Moment,” and “Poured Out” (​print, genre and nongenre), ​South Dakota Review, January 2018,

editor, ​Come As You Are: an anthology of 90s pop culture ​(​genre & nongenre) ​Anomalous Press, ​January 201​7,

poem, “​Jumping the Fuck Shark” (​nongenre) ​Tinderbox Poetry, ​February 2018,

poem, “​The light fell in” (​nongenre) ​Cotton Xenomorph, ​February 2018,


R. Mac Jones

poem, “Ruth Miller,” Unlost Journal, Issue 21,


Jane Yolen

poem, “Object of Objects.” Meat for Tea Journal, Winter 2018,


Gerri Leen

poem, “Love Is Not Sweet,” Enchanted Conversation, February 2018,


G.O. Clark

2 poems, “The North Wind” & “Fifth Column”, Night To Dawn #33, April 2018,


Gene Twaronite

4 poems, (online), “Whenever I See Empty,” “Reading the Chaos,” “Arguments at Eleven,” “Droppings,” The Ravens Perch,,,,

1 poem, (online and print), “Rape and Shell Collecting,” Tipton Poetry Journal, Issue 36, Winter 2018,


Wendy Van Camp

4 scifaiku, “Sojourner”, “Velocity Farm”, “Whirligig”, “Dust Storm”, Far Horizons Magazine, February 2018,


Julie Bloss Kelsey and Susan Burch

co-editors, 25 Science Fiction Tanka and Kyoka, Atlas Poetica, February 25, 2018,


Julie Bloss Kelsey

2 tanka, Grievous Angel, January 23, 2018,

haiku, non-genre / print, Blithe Spirit, February 2018,

haiku chosen for an outdoor exhibition, non-genre, Golden Haiku Competition, February 2018,


Neile Graham

5 poem suite,  “The Goddess of Grace,” “The Midwinter Gods,” “The Goddess of Broken Things,” “What I Mean When I Talk About Ruins,” and “The Goddess of Naps,” Cascadia Subduction Zone 8:1, January 2018


Deborah L. Davitt

poem, “The Mountain’s Heart,” Enchanted Conversation, February 1, 2018.

poem, “Inverse,” The Hungry Chimera, issue 4, February 1, 2018.


Colleen Anderson

poem, online, “How to Cook With Children,” Grievous Angel, Jan. 2018,

poem, online, “The Enlightened,” Polar Borealis #5, Feb. 2018,

poem, online 3rd place, “Ode to Andrew Brechin,” Angela Poetry, Wax Poetry, Feb. 2018,


Herb Kauderer

4 prose poems, Altered Reality, January 2 2018,

poem, non-genre, “beckoning sparkles”, Micropoerty, January 24 2018,

prose poem, “Vacation Accomodations”, Speculative 66, January 2018,

prose poem,“Infernal Bargains”, Speculative 66, February 2018,

poem, “The Detective’s Ghost” Bewildering Stories #751 Feb 26 2018,


Roxanne Barbour

23 poems and interview – Featured Poet, Scifaikuest, Alban Lake Publishing, February 2018 (Print),


Robert Borski

poem, “New Guy at the Planet,” Dreams & Nightmares 108,

poem, “Bemju,” Polu Texni,


Mary Soon Lee

poem, “Dragon Mountain,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #35,

poem, “On Reading Le Guin,” Uppagus #27,

poem, “Again,” Dreams & Nightmares #108,

poem, “Holding You,” reprint, mainstream, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2/24/2018,


J.A. Grier

workshop, “Finding the Fantastic in Poetry”, Maryland Writer’s Association Annual Conference, March 24th 2018, 3pm, BWI Airport Marriott,


Peter J. King

poem (non-genre, print journal) “Offshore Wind Farm at Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire”, Dream Catcher issue 36, February 2018,

3 poems (non-genre; print anthology) “Impedimenta”, “The Poet Confesses”, “Will Shakespeare Goes to a Poetry Workshop”, Now We Are Five, Chough Publications, 2018,


Ann K. Schwader

poem, “Volunteers,” Spectral Realms No. 8, Hippocampus Press, Winter 2018,


Lisa Timpf

poem (1, genre, online), “Categorically Speaking”, Scifaikuest, February 2018,

poem (1, genre, online), “on the ship from Earth…”, Atlas Poetica: 25 Science Fiction Tanka and Kyoka, February 2018,

poem (2, non-genre, print), “What It Knows” and “Only This Moment”, Transition, Winter, 2017,


Vince Gotera

2 poems (non-genre), “How to Be Cool in 1967 San Francisco if You’re a Filipino American Teenager” and “You Are,” Crooked Teeth Literary Magazine, Issue 2, January 2018,

poem (non-genre), “My Mother’s Fear,” Voices de la Luna, Volume 10, Issue 2, February 2018.


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