SFPA September Round-Up

Trying once again:

To squeeze all the entries in, here’s Revision #2 of the Sept. Round-Up


Bradley Earle Hoge

poem, “New Universes,” Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, August/September 2021, https://www.utopiasciencefiction.com/product-page/august-2021-vol-3-issue-1

Bill Ratner

3 poems, “Fear of Fish”, “Grief” & “Mannequin”, Cultural Daily, August 2021, https://www.culturaldaily.com/bill-ratner-three-poems/

collection, Fear of Fish, Alien Buddha Press, Summer 2021, https://www.amazon.com/Fear-Fish-Bill-Ratner/dp/B0975MVTTH

C. H. Lindsay

poem, “Cereal Killer,” Shadowed Hourglass, The League of Utah Writers, July 26, 2021, https://www.amazon.com/Shadowed-Hourglass-Collection-Poetry-Prose/dp/1735484105

poem, “Pioneering Final Frontiers,” If Not Now, When, The League of Utah Writers’ Infinite Monkeys Chapter, July 1, 2021, https://www.amazon.com/If-Not-Now-When-Infinite/dp/1732583633/

awards, Second Place, Poetry, Light Verse: “Tornado”, Third Honorable Mention, Poetry, Light Verse: “Shadowborn”, Third Place, Poetry, Word Play: “Midnight Ritual”, & Third Honorable Mention, Poetry, Word Play: “Campfire Reverie”, August 14, 2021, Olive Woolley Burt Awards, https://www.leagueofutahwriters.com/woolley-awards-writing-contest

Betsy Aoki

poem, spec, “Hitobashira,” Uncanny Magazine Issue Forty-One, July/August 2021, https://uncannymagazine.com/article/hitobashira/

Alicia Hilton

2 poems, “Mail-Order Bride” and “Oleander and Wolfsbane,” Spectral Realms No. 15, Summer 2021, https://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/spectral-realms/spectral-realms-no.-15

Miguel O. Mitchell

poem, “A Descendant’s Gift,” Dreams and Nightmares 119, September 2021, http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/2021/08/082221d.html

G. O. Clark

book, Aliens & Others, Hiraeth Publishing, 9/2021, https://www.hiraethsffh.com/product-page/aliens-others-by-g-o-clark

Brian Garrison

poem, print, “There’s No Stopping the Universe”, Sciencefictionery, https://sciencefictionery.com/

Colleen Anderson

poem, “Heaven’s Vault”, Corvid Queen, Jul. 2021, https://corvidqueen.com/stories/heavens-vault-colleen-anderson?rq=colleen%20anderson

poem, “Siren’s Song”, Water: Sirens, Selkies and Sea Monsters, Tyche Books, Aug. 2021, http://tychebooks.com/water-anthology

poem, “How the Big Bang Ended”, Utopia SF, Aug. 2021, https://www.utopiasciencefiction.com/product-page/august-2021-vol-3-issue-1

poem, “A Match for Nostradamus”, Polar Borealis #19, Aug-Sep. 2021, http://polarborealis.ca/currentback-issues/

Ken Poyner

poem, genre, web, “In a Troubled Country”, Mobius Journal #32.3, http://www.mobiusmagazine.com.

poem, non-genre, print, “The Need for Gatekeepers”, Blue Collar Review Vol 24 #4, http://www.angelfire.com/va/bcr/

Jenny Blackford

poem, genre, “San Francisco Hotel Ritual”, Polu Texni, Sept 2021, http://www.polutexni.com/?p=10808

Kim Malinowski

6 poems, spec, “Bond,” “Exhale,” “Until the Until,” “Toyota Corolla Wanderlust,” “Tender,” and “Tempest,” Agony Opera, September 3, 2021 https://www.agonyopera.com/blog-2404-2476250924822455/seven-poems-kim-malinowski?fbclid=IwAR0-enCCR1XBoRjcfnLkST4x8ShX24fHSjapy3DJAxdQetr-k6OXQkLcliE

poem, spec, “Searching for the Cottingley Fairies,” The Metaworker, September 2021, https://www.themetaworker.com/2021/09/17/searching-for-the-cottingley-fairies-by-kim-malinowski/?fbclid=IwAR2HhXjep2yAeiyQCAfvFaEg4cU2hGyDI3rMBSHxTfl28iYcgtB0Ul-kWMw

2 prose poems, print, “Autumn Blossom Meditation,” and “Autumn Picnic Meditation, Enchanted Living, Fall 2021, https://enchantedlivingmagazine.com/

Lorraine Schein

poem, “Virtual Envy,” Daikaijuzine #007, Sept. 21, https://www.daikaijuzine.org/007-Maguma

Jason Kahler

poem, “After Watching Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings,” The Daily Drunk, September 14, 2021, https://dailydrunkmag.com/2021/09/14/after-watching-shang-chi-the-legend-of-the-ten-rings/

Daniel Ausema

poem, “The Forbidden Path to Forgetting,” Fantasy Magazine, September 2021 (Issue 71), https://www.fantasy-magazine.com/fm/poetry/the-forbidden-path-to-forgetting/

Frank Coffman

poem, “Sad Steps Beneath the Silent Moon”, Penumbra no. 2, 2021, Hippocampus Press, https://www.hippocampuspress.com/journals/penumbra/penumbra-no.-2-2021?zenid=ou3h05thue4j5u9ihjhosu9hk1

poem, “Agon”, Monomyth 21.1, Issue 73, Sept. 2021, https://www.facebook.com/groups/169974286448031/posts/4030370713741683/

Alan Vincent Michaels

haiku, “Eternal gods,” Eternal: A SciFanSat Microfiction Compilation, Aethereal Engineer, September 05, 2021, https://aetherealengineer.com/2021/09/05/sfs71/

haiku triptych, “I come from exiles,” Relative: A SciFanSat Microfiction Compilation, Aethereal Engineer, September 19, 2021, https://aetherealengineer.com/2021/09/19/sfs73/

haiku, “Our limited minds,” Limited: A SciFanSat Microfiction Compilation, Aethereal Engineer, September 26, 2021, https://aetherealengineer.com/2021/09/26/sfs74/

Michael Janairo

poem, “Packing Tips for Time Travelers,” Mithila Review, March 22, 2021, https://mithilareview.com/janairo_03_21/

poem, “Integument,” Sylvia Magazine, July 16, 2021, https://www.sylviamagazine.com/integument/

R. Thursday

poem, “The Jackalope,” Claw and Blossom, September 22, 2021 (‘Strange Edition’), https://clawandblossom.com/issues/issue10/jackalope-thursday

Linda D. Addison

2 poems, “Sonnet_To MetaScience” & “The Conqueror Wormhole,” The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (Sep/Oct 2021), https://weightlessbooks.com/authors/elizabeth-hand-authors/the-magazine-of-fantasy-and-science-fiction-sept-oct-2021/

poem, “D2D Candy Corn,” Southwest Review magazine (Volume 106, Number 3), http://southwestreview.com/volume-106-number-3/

poem, “The Butterfly Affect,” Were Tales: A Shapeshifter Anthology, Brigids Gate Press, (September 21, 2021), https://www.amazon.com/Were-Tales-Shapeshifter-Jonathan-Maberry-ebook/dp/B09CQFGW43

Ian Willey

poem, “Commencement,” Moonpark Review, Fall 2021, https://moonparkreview.com/issue-seventeen-fall-2021/

Katherine Quevedo

poem, “Restoring Order to a World Hooked on Strangeness,” Sidequest, September 27, 2021, https://sidequest.zone/2021/09/27/game-enjambment-restoring-order-to-a-world-hooked-on-strangeness/

Gerri Leen

2 poems, “Blood of My Blood” and “Isolation Ward,” Dreams & Nightmares, Issue 118, http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/2021/05/050921.html

poem, “Recompense,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 49, http://www.heroicfantasyquarterly.com/?p=3479

poem, “Amateurs,” Penumbric, Vol V, Issue 2, https://www.penumbric.com/currentissue/leenAmateurs.html

poem, “Where the Light Ends,” Sanitarium, Issue 4, https://www.amazon.com/Sanitarium-Magazine-Issue/dp/B09CKYSY7N

Robert Borski

poem, “The Fauna of Lilliput,” Triangulation: Habitats, Parsec Ink, Sept. 2021, https://parsecink.com/index.php/2021/09/14/triangulation-habitats-is-now-available-on-amazon/

poem, “Fulgurite Quiz,” Dreams & Nightmares 119, Sept. 2021, http://dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com/2021/08/082221d.html

Stephanie M. Wytovich

poem, “Family Offerings,” Southwest Review, Fall 2021, http://southwestreview.com/volume-106-number-3/

Lynne Sargent

poem, “What is Enough,” September 13 2021, https://tersejournal.com/2021/09/13/what-is-enough-by-lynne-sargent/

Elizabeth R. McClellan

poem, genre, “Upon the Merger,” Patreon (public) to benefit miamemphis.org, September 25, 2021, https://www.patreon.com/posts/56604187

Gabriel Ertsgaard

poem, “Stardust Word,” Strange Horizons, 9 August 2021, http://strangehorizons.com/poetry/stardust-word/

poem, “The Fourth Bane,” Drifting Sands, September 2021, https://drifting-sands-haibun.org/09/2021/the-fourth-bane/

Mary Soon Lee

2 poems, mainstream, “Missing Measures” & “The Line,” I-70 Review, Summer/Fall 2021, http://i70review.fieldinfoserv.com/

Lisa Timpf

poem, genre, “They Came,” Black Cat Magazine Issue 2: Apocalypse, September, 2021, https://www.blackcatmagazine.com/issues

2 poems, non-genre, “That Championship Season” and “That One Guy,” Rhyme and Rhythm: Poems for Student Athletes, Archer Publishing, September, 2021, https://www.mojo.amncentral.com/product-page/rhyme-rhythm-poems-for-student-athletes 

Richard Magahiz

poem, genre, “Becoming, not being” (with audio), Abyss & Apex, Issue 80, https://www.abyssapexzine.com/2021/09/becoming-not-being/

Anna Cates

haibun, Drifting Sands 11, Sept 2021, https://drifting-sands-haibun.org/?s=anna+cates

Ann Wycoff

editor, The Lost Librarian’s Grave, October 2021, https://www.redwood-press.com

Scott E. Green & Herb Kauderer

poem, “Obsidian Blade”, Beneath the Misty Surface, 518 Publishing, https://www.amazon.com/Beneath-Misty-Surface-518-Pub/dp/B09GCBZJRT/

Herb Kauderer

4 poems,  “Change of Profession”, “The Worlds as Freed Will”, “Belief Systems” &  “walled city spectre”, Beneath the Misty Surface, 518 Publishing, https://www.amazon.com/Beneath-Misty-Surface-518-Pub/dp/B09GCBZJRT/

Lori R. Lopez

2 poems, genre, reprint, “on the edge of night” and “Grim House”, Speculations III:  Poetry from the Weird Poets Society 2020, Mind’s Eye Publications, August 15, 2021, https://www.amazon.com/Speculations-III-Poetry-Weird-Society/dp/1736711423

Meg Smith

4 poems, “Bring on the Sea Monsters,” “Summon the Flies,” “Fall of the Woven Star” and “Bloody Bride,” The Horror Zine, October 2021, https://bit.ly/3a7AjIg

4 poems, “Champy’s Pilgrims,” “Cave of Martyrs,” “Fallen Webs,” and “The Purple Cloud,” Raven Cage, Issue 61, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S305THBfdR3nRBDZdZt95C2T_TK0bCP4/view

poem, “Dance of Cosmic Ghosts,” Aphelion, October 2021, https://bit.ly/3AeVF10

poetry reading: Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! festival event, Oct. 7, 8 p.m. EST Warp and Weft, 197 Market St., Lowell, MA, https://lowellcelebrateskerouac.org/events/2021-festival/

reading and book-signing, Oct. 14, 6:30 p.m. EST, lala books, 189 Market St., Lowell, MA, https://lalabookstore.com/event-calendar/

Deborah P Kolodji

2 haiku, “ocean spray,” “cactus garden,” Brass Bell, October 2021, http://brassbellhaiku.blogspot.com/2021/10/numbers.html

haiku, “frayed reins,” Haiku Dialogue, 9/22/2021, https://thehaikufoundation.org/haiku-dialogue-finding-peace-and-contemplation-in-worn-imperfect-and-transient-things-rusty-hitching-iron/

haiku sequence, “Growing Up Lutheran,” Art of the Bishop Installation, 9/11/2021, https://www.socalsynod.org/2021/09/11/13749/

haiku, “cough syrup,” Daily Haiku Blog, 9/4/2021, https://charlottedigregorio.wordpress.com/2021/09/03/daily-haiku-sept-4-2021/

4 haiku, “evening song,” “kelp forest,” “old bell-bottoms,” “flyover,” Fireflies Light, September 2021, https://issuu.com/mobap/docs/_fl_24_file_for_posting.final_9-7-21_/2

haiku, “the beauty,” Horror Senryu Journal (twitter zine), 9/22/2021, https://twitter.com/horrorsenryu/status/1440611714710474759

haiku, ”pronoun decision,” The Heron’s Nest, September 2021, https://theheronsnest.com/September2021/haiku-p24.html

Interview on RattleCast, September 26, 2021, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKLurDoU3rM

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