Member News-February 2017

One of the benefits of membership with the SFPA is the opportunity to share one’s poetic work with the community. SFPA Member Mike Payne compiles this list each month after a call for submissions. February was a productive month for many of our members!

Kenny A. Chaffin

prose poem, “Failed Experiment”, Speculative 66, Issue 5, February 2017,

Michael H. Payne

poem, “The Stars, Like Penguins,” honorable mention, 117th weekly contest, Poetry Nook, January 29, 2017 to February 5, 2017


Ruth Berman

poem, “Spacemail Only,” F&SF, March/April 2017,


Karen Bovenmyer

poem, “Syncing Minefields,” Strange Horizons, February 20, 2017

poem, “Save Our Souls,” Silver Blade Magazine, Spring 2017—Issue 33, February 2017


David Kopaska-Merkel

periodical, print & pdf, Dreams and Nightmares 105, Jan. 2017,

poem, print, “Portrait of the Mad Scientist’s Wife,” Outposts of Beyond, Jan. 2017,

poem, print, “Chicken Tracks,” Illumen, Winter, 2017,


David Kopaska-Merkel & Kendall Evans

poem, print, “What People Were They Here,” Outposts of Beyond, Jan. 2017,


Deborah Davitt

poem (spec), “Lo Shu’s Magic Square,” Snakeskin #237 (Maths and Numbers issue), Feburary 1, 2017,

poem (horror), “Flora,” Speculative 66,  Issue 5, February 6, 2017,

poem (spec), “Awakening,” The Ekphrastic Review, February 7, 201,

poem (spec), “Perspective,” Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, Vol. 4, #4, February 2017,

poem (spec),”The Banshee’s Embrace,” Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, February 6th, 2017,

poem (spec), “Epistrophia,” Liquid Imagination, February 27, 2017,

poem, (spec), “Vegetative State,” Spirit’s Tincture issue 3, February 28, 2017,


Geoffrey A. Landis

2 haiga, “The Moon Paints the Sky” and “Distant Train Whistle” in Wayward Sword: Dangerous Submissions, Writing Knights 2017;


James Dorr

poem, “Tit for Tat,” The Book of Blasphemous Words, A Murder of Storytellers, 2017,


Robert Borski

poem, “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” Asimov’s, March/April, 2017,


Mary Soon Lee

poem, “Seventeenth Lesson,” Heroic Fantasy Quarterly #31, February 2017,

poem, print+pdf, “Daunted,”  Dreams & Nightmares #105,

poem, print, non-genre, “Advice to a Houseplant,” Nanotext,

poem, “Stay,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review 2/15/2017,

2 poems, print, “Traveling” & “Sheep,” Ship of Fools #76,

poem, reprint, “Hero,” first published in Star*Line, won the 118th weekly Poetry Nook contest,


Ann K. Schwader

poem, “Stone Ghosts,” Dreams & Nightmares #105,  January 2015,

poem, “Temple of the Plumed Serpent,”  Spectral Realms #6, Winter 2017,


Lauren McBride

poem, genre, “Point of View,” Keppler’s Cowboys, Hadrosaur Productions, 2017,

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