Member News-September, 2017

Our members at the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association have been keeping themselves busy! This September we saw many of us adding some wonderful new publications to their credits. A special thanks to Michael H. Payne who has once again gathered together our members news for this month! Congratulations to all, and we look forward to hearing about more of your successes soon!

Ruth Berman
poem, “Bishops’ Protest,” Poetalk, Bay Area Poets Coalition, Summer 2017,

poem, “No Shoes No Shots,” Hubub, Reed College, 2017 [September], non-genre,

Sara Backer
poem, “Too This, Too That,” Don’t Talk to Me About Love, September 14 2017,

Shira Lipkin
co-editor, Liminality #13, Autumn 2017,

Vince Gotera
2 poems, “Ergodyne Bass” (somonka) and “Body Music Matrix” (parallel haiku), Undertow Tanka Review, Issue 12, August 2017,

Ken Poyner
poem, “Alien Observation”, genre, “Mobius”, 28.3, 1 Sept 2017,

David C. Kopaska-Merkel
poem, “Traces,” Mithila Review 9,

magazine, Dreams and Nightmares 107,

Robert Borski
poem, “Balloon Animals,” Silver Blade, Issue 35, Summer 2017,

Shannon Connor Winward
poem, “Distress,” The Cicada’s Cry,  September 2017,

poem, “Support Group,” Glass: A Journal of Poetry,  September 2017,

Deborah L Davitt
poem, spec, “Gravewise,” Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words Vol. 4 #10, August 2017,

poem, non-spec, “Evolution,” Claudius Speaks #4, August 10, 2017,

poem, spec, “Testament,” Panoply #7, Summer 2017,

poem, spec, “Backyard Telescope,” Three Line Poetry #45, September 2017,

poem, spec, “Dark Matter Ghosts,” Into the Void #5, Autumn 2017,

2 poems, spec, “For Sale” and “Silent Songs,” Spectral Realms #7, Summer 2017,

poem, spec, “Preconscious,” BSFA Focus #67, September 20, 2017,

Deborah L Davitt and Kendall Evans
poem, spec, “His Voice in the Whisper of Waves,” Spectral Realms #7, Summer 2017,

M.X. Kelly
poem, “elysian seas,” Abyss & Apex, Issue 62:  2nd Quarter 2017,

Robert Frazier
poem, “Your Clone Finds Her Stray” Asimov’s Science Fiction,  Sept./Oct. 2017, p. 91,

John C. Mannone
3 poems, “Marbles,” “Happy Hour at Drake’s Lounge” and “Waterworld,” Altered Reality Magazine, September 2017,,,

poem, “Dream-Sailing” (with artwork), The Ekphrastic Review, September 2017,

poem, “האדום האוהל” (The Red Tent), American Diversity Report, September 2017,

poem, “Transmission Lines,” Perspectives Magazine, September 2017,

poem, “Bioethics,” Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, September 2017,

prose poem, “Once the Fields were Filled with Butterflies,” Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, September 2017,


Alexandra Tims
long narrative poem, Meniscus: Crossing The Churn, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, March 2017,

long narrative poem, Meniscus: South from Sintha, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 2017,

long narrative poem, Meniscus: Winter by the Water-climb, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, July 2017,


Mary Soon Lee
poem, reprint, “Necromancer,” winner of the 147th Poetry Nook weekly contest, 9/10/2017,

poem, reprint, mainstream, “Imperial History,” winner of the 148th Poetry Nook weekly contest, 9/18/2017,

3 poems, “Alternate Genders” + “Chronology of Items Found on the Moon” + “Boatman,” Mithila Review #9, September 2017: + +

poem, print only, “Mortal,” Spillway #25, Summer 2017,

poem, “Unsaid,” Uppagus #25, September 2017,

2 poems, mainstream, “What War Is Like” + “Air Show Manuevers,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review, September 2017, +

poem,  mainstream, “Yellowstone,” Litbreak Magazine, 9/5/2017,


Herb Kauderer
mini-chapbook, Small Gatherings of Words: 100 very short poems, Written Image Press,

mini-chapbook, Cascade of Stardust: 100 short speculative poems, Written Image Press

17 poems, “Out of Hades”, “duration of the crossing”, “Styx”, “zombie existence”, “profiling the unknown”, “The Theft of Yesterday’s Lover”, “keeping company”, “Night Shivers”, “Acheron”, “Cocytus”, “Lethe”, “Phlegethon”, “far from worship”, “Djinn”, “Stonehenge”, “Through the Ages”, “Dryad”, Altered Reality,

poem, “off for the Holiday,” Micropoetry,

3 poems, print, “[untitled] war torn moons of Jupiter”, “[untitled] built in outer space”, “[untitled] ancient Greek shipwreck”, & article, “The Scifaiku Suite” including three haiku suites which are comprised of 19 haiku, Scifaikuest,

article, “Lucidity Grows Around a Tree Trunk” including the poem “Heroics”, Scifaikuest online,

poem, “First Car Ghost,” Bewildering Stories #728,

poem, “Watches”, Bewildering Stories #729,

poem, “[untitled] Buck Rogers buildings”, Grievous Angel,

mini-chapbook, Pocket Full of Horror: 100 poems, short dark & weird, Written Image Press,

poem, “Letter to Eurydice,” Dreams & Nightmares #107,

Herb Kauderer & Scott E. Green
poem, “War Games,” Bewildering Stories #723,

Bryan Thao Worra
2 Poems, “What Kills A Man,” and “An Archaeology of Snow Forts,” Mithila Review #9, September 2017

Lisa Timpf
poem, genre, print, “Foreshadowing”, Neo-Opsis Science Fiction Magazine, Issue 28,

poem, genre, online, “Just Another Trip to Mars” (SF Tanka), Scifaikuest, August 2017, Alban Lake Scifaikuest August 2017 online,

3 poems, genre, print, “Fetch on Mars” (scifaiku), “Fresh Back from Weeks in Space” (SF tanka), “Hip-hoppers” (SF Tanka) Scifaikuest, August 2017,

poem, non-genre, “Kettling”, selected as Third Wednesday’s “Poem of the Week”, featured on Facebook page and web site, September 11th, 2017,

poem, genre, “The Horsemen Wait”, Contemporary Haibun Online, Published September 30, 2017 in October, 2017 issue,

poem, genre, “How Will They Judge Us”, The Future Fire, Issue 2017.42,

Ann K. Schwader
2 mainstream haiku in The Heron’s Nest, September 2017: “nine kinds,” and “deep winter,” Editors’ Choice,




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