SFPA Members’ Activities Roundup March 2017

Christina Sng

collection, Astropoetry, Alban Lake Publishing, March 2017,

poem, “Spring Equinox”, Astronomers Without Borders,

3 scifaiku, “Azure Sun”, “February Heat”, and “Ruby Sky”, Scifaikuest 53,

3 scifaiku, “Three Suns”, “Twin Headlights”, and “Sprinkled Beneath”, Grievous Angel,

haiku, “Goose Egg”, Cricket, March 2017,

Deborah Davitt

poem, (spec/science), “Desire Songs,” Silver Blade #33, Winter, February 22, 2017

poem, “Assumption,” Visual Verse, an Anthology of Art and Words, Vol. 4, #5, March 2017

poem, (spec), “Shadow in Time,” Inwood, Indiana, “The Pop Machine,” March 2017,

David C. Kopaska-Merkel

poem, “The Universe According to Arf,” Polu Texni Mar. 6,

Shannon Connor Winward

poem, “The Ballad of Molly Malone“, Wild Musette Journal, March 17,  2017 –

poem, “Ligeia in the Bridal Chamber“, NonBinary Review# 12: The Works of Edgar Allan Poe –

Founding Editor (debut!!), Riddled with Arrows Literary Journal, March 20,  2017 – RiddledWithArrows.com

Akua Lezli Hope

poem, “Dragon,” Faerie Magazine, Spring 2017, https://www.faeriemag.com/

poem, “Cassandra”, Andromeda Spaceways #66, March 2017

2 poems, “Fixing Face”, “Tax Deadline,” Revise the Psalm: Work Celebrating the Writing of Gwendolyn Brooks, Feb. 2017

poem, “River Road”, The Fourth River, Feb. 8, 2017

Christina M. Rau

poetry collection, Liberating The Astronauts, Aqueduct Press, 2017, http://www.aqueductpress.com/books/978-1-61976-127-8.php

2 poems, “Static” and “Object Permanence,” Flapperhouse, Issue 13, March 2017,

poem, “Fiddling The Fourth,” Inwood Indiana Press: The Pop-Machine Issue, March 2017,

Karen Bovenmyer

poem, “Save Our Souls,” Silver Blade Magazine 33

Peter Roberts

poem, (print), untitled haiku, Scifaikuest, 55 (February 2017)

poem, “Evanescence”, LabLit.com, 26 March 2017

Robert Frazier

poem, “Note from Olympus Mons,” Asimov’s Science Fiction, pg. 155, March-April 2017

Peter Payack

poem, “The Infinite Abyss”, Asimov’s Science Fiction, pg 47, March-April 2017

Holly Walrath

6 poems, “Cat’s Cradle,” “The Painter,” “Of Whales in Paint,” “Madness,” “Death,” “So Kind of Cold,” Crab Fat Magazine, March 2017

poem, “Pine Song, Robin Song, Star Song,” Liminality, Issue #11, Spring 2017,

Ruth Berman

poem, print only, “Keeping in Touch with the Dead,” Blue Unicorn, February 2017

Deborah P Kolodji

31 haiku, Daily Haiku, Mann Library at Cornell University,  featured haiku poet for March, 2017,

haiku, “in depth discussion,” Akitsu Quarterly, Spring 2017,

haiku, “rain gutters full,” Brass Bell, February 2017,

3 haiku, “manzanita berries,” “a western wallflower,” “a desert trail,”  Hedgerow #102, January 20, 2017,

2 haiku, “an osprey nest rocks,” “pink stacks,”  Hedgerow #103, January 27, 2017,

haiku, “quicksand,” Grievous Angel, March 6, 2017,

haiku, “night lights,” Stardust Haiku, January 2017,

haiku, “three mile walk,” #107, Right Hand Pointing, February 2017,

haiku, “Mount Vesuvius,” dust devils, The Red Moon Anthology 2016, Red Moon Press, February 2017,

2 haiku, “long line of cars,” “faded ribbon,” San Diego Poetry Annual 2016-2017, Garden Oak Press, March 1, 2017,

2 haiku, “still stunned,” “nonnative ice plant,” Modern Haiku 48.1, Winter/Spring 2017,

haiku, “home,” #36, bottle rockets, February 2017,

haiku, “their affair,” Gnarled Oak, Issue 11, February 20, 2017,

Mary Soon Lee

poem, non-genre, “The Cat Vet,” Uppagus #22, March 2017,

poem, “Five Arrows,” Songs of Eretz Poetry Review 3/28/2017,

poem, electronic download (first published as a limited edition print book), “Advice to a Houseplant,” Nanotext,

Elizabeth Barrette

Poetry Fishbowl in The Wordsmith’s Forge, March 7, 2017,

Herb Kauderer

poem, non-genre “Bad Timing,” Ink, Sweat & Tears, January 30, 2017

28 Poems and an Interview as featured poet in Scifaikuest #55, print, February 2017,  sci(na)ku “[untitled] file drawers archive”, fib “Weight Restrictions”, zappai “[untitled] promissory note”, fib “Toying with Existence”, tanka “Mars”, fib “Filling Needs”, zappai “[untitled] a flounce of black hair”, scifaiku “[untitled] gravity assists”, haibun “Younger Times”, cinquain “[untitled] distant architectures”, joined poems “old growth city”, scifaiku “[untitled] archipelago”, fib “[untitled] one lone island”, scifaiku “[untitled] glass-bottomed boat tour”, scifaiku “[untitled] high school romance”, horrorku “post-apocalypse”, haibun “The Final Upload”, one-breath “[untitled] bioengineered buildings”, zappai “epitaph for the minotaur”, joined poem “Van Gogh’s sketch pad”, horrorku “[untitled] passing between ships”, fib “before the epidemic”, sci(na)ku “reprieve”, one-breath “[untitled] extreme meditation”, scifaiku “[untitled] unscheduled”, cinquain “Pluto’s moons”, haibun “Unanswered”, joined poems “scouting mission completion”.

poem, “Nano-biology,” Micropoetry, February 12, 2017,

poem, “After,” finalist for the 31st Asimov’s Readers’ Award – March 1, 2017,

poetry collection, non-genre, “The Snowstorm of ’14: Poems from the front lines,” limited edition trade paperback – March 26, 2017

David Clink & Herb Kauderer

poem, “My Response to Your Mayday Call,” Dreams & Nightmares #105, January 2017,

Scott E. Green & Herb Kauderer

poem, “Soft Collision,” finalist for the 80th AnLab Readers’ Awards – March 10, 2017,

Lisa Timpf

4 poems, “After the Crash” and “Change” (print); “First Contact” and “Finding the Words” (online), Scifaikuest, Alban Lake Publishing, February 2017,

haibun, (non-genre), “In the Shadows”, Contemporary Haibun Online, April 2017,

Jane Yolen

3 poems, “Need Fire: An Ode,” “Asking Winter’s Apology; An Awdl (Welsh Ode),” and “Dancing the Jack: An Ode,” Quarterday Vol 3, Feb 2017

2 poems, “The Confessions of Persephone” and “Grave Robber,” Mythic Delirium, April 2017

4 poems, “The Metric of Space,” “Milk from a Cockroach: or Gregor’s Revenge,” “Spider Rain,” and “Stardust,” Shoreline to Infinity, April 2017

Vince Gotera

6 poems (genre), “Encounter on Good Friday,” “Villagers at Clara’s House, After Dark,” “Aswang Wedding: Early Saturday Morn,” “The Good Father,” “Lupine Lunes, Starring Donald Trump,” “All Zombies Coming and Going,” Lupine Lunes: Horror Poems and Short Stories, Popcorn Press, October 2016,

poem (non-genre), “Clerihews for a Famous Literary Sailor,” Parody Poetry Journal, October 2016 (print), January 2017 (online),

poem (non-genre), “Blue Bravura” / “Coraje azul” / “Curaj Albastru” (published in English, Spanish, and Romanian), Your Father Is Bald by Eileen R. Tabios, PIM Publishing House, 2017,

poem (non-genre), “Army Wife” Stone Canoe, 2017, (winner of Stone Canoe Veterans Writing Award),

poem (non-genre), “Doggie Diner, Geary and Arguello, 1969,” Silver Birch Press, January 2017,

4 poems (non-genre), “Prince Rules,” “Prince’s Guitar,” “Letter to Hendrix in Paradise,” “Are You Experienced,” Inigo Online Magazine, March 2017,

poem (genre), “Head to the Sky” (with my photograph “Silverstone Silhouette”), The Ekphrastic Review, March 2017,

Jenny Blackford

poem, “With bright instruments and vast humming machines,” alliterationink recompose #3, March 2017,

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